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1ST of the month

By jenny 'jso' so
Mar 4, 2009 03:55

Hey guys!

we have a match on inferno in 15 minutes.. we're actually practicing right now.. hehe

i was going to bet all my bet credits on us.. but its not up! boo. this is our first match together as 5 on a REAL map! not something stupid like strike so im looking foward to how we do.

our inferno is pretty good, weve been practicing it a lot.. our T side is better (which is usually how it is with all our maps..) and our CT isnt horrible either :D

im pretty sure lidy will post after our match with the score and how it went down.. so stay tuned for more info on that =D


Feb is almost over ALREADY??

By jenny 'jso' so
Feb 27, 2009 06:31

so theres only 3 days.. left till march..
time flies huh?

anyway, we just played a match on strike.. it was a close match but we lost 16-13? i dont remember something like that. we played de_cpl_strike.. a map we never practice and so the outcome is reasonable, at least we didnt get plowed :P

now there are only lan maps left, and so you guys should look foward to THOSE! not these stupid ones :/

ive been playing so much CS lately!! i dont know if its good or bad!! when the new year started i only came online and on the computer when it was practice time.. we played 3-4 hours a night, and then i was off doing homework or something .. productive. ever since the girls came and left ive been playing SO MUCH MORE CS!! i havent played this much since like summer break!! hahahahaha i will admit its fun.. i usually play with alice the most.. the others sleep early cuz of school (i should too but im a champ so i only need a couple hours of sleep :D).. me and alice seriously stay up pugging till like 4AM my time! LOL.. even last night i had like 4 papers due for school, yet i csed all night.. i finished 3 of them throughout the day.. and left the hardest to finish later at night and that didnt work.. i slept at 4, woke up at 6 to write it and then fell asleep again.. and again.. LOL i seriously woke up at like 8 and 9 and then went to class at 11.. i finished it on time!! but i dont know.. if its good or not... OH WELL. SCHOOL BLOWS!! but, stay in school kids~ :D

MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 11 DAYS!!! march 9th, make note everyone. hahaha jk :P

i recently made a video blog for guidson.. there are 4 parts to it HAHAHA i made him brownies.. the video is kinda embarrassing.. but since it was a request i did it :D getting requests from you guys in the community and knowing what you guys want or want to see gives us a lot of ideas.. and helps us make blogs.. so if you guys throw in some suggestions i think we can make it happen (but be reasonable please) ! so throw some ideas our way! im sure the other girls too wouldnt mind making some things you guys would like to see.. like LIDY PLAYING BASKETBALL??? ALICE GUITARHERO MASTER??? hahahaha yea.. and jso marthastewart baker. cool.

ACK~ time to go play more with alice.. i have to show her whats up~ have a good night everyone! and our next match is TUESDAY on de_inferno.

our infernos is pretty insane, so we wont let you down. =D

Yay new 5th.

By jenny 'jso' so
Feb 24, 2009 04:10


many of you may know mel from 2007, but me personally i havent gotten to know or play with her till recently. shes from canada and originally plays with her lan team essence.

the last candidate we had if you guys were curious is izabeL. she was a cool person but with these difficult times she cant play anymore. im sorry that we lost her, but im glad to have a stable 5 to FINALLY PRACTICE WITH!

like lidy has mentioned, we have this ESEA league that we're participating in. right now we're playing not-lan maps which kinda is throwing our practice off. we havent really been scrimming much of mill or strike, but luckily we won our mill match =D. on thursday its strike.. and to be honest we still havent touched it as a team hehe.. but we'll probably end up winning it anyway. /ends cockyness.

anyway, we played with mel a couple times inbetween random tryouts.. and most of the time our hearts were set with mel, but we thought giving others the benefit of the doubt would be fair :P mel showed us that she can bring what no other girl can, and so we all finally agreed after TEDIOUS tryout practices that she is exactly what we need to fill in the void.

we're gonna up our practice times from 3 to about 4-5 days a week, and hopefully mesh our team into place. ESWC is only 4 months away and we want to attend a lan or two prior to the huge event.

thanks for being patient everyone and i hope you keep supporting us!!

(oh and by the way.. im running out of video blog ideas, so im taking requests. the first one is im cooking for my boy guidson. you will get your cupcake or brownie video soon~ only cuz your supporting us :D!)

End of 1st bootcamp.

By jenny 'jso' so
Feb 17, 2009 00:52

edit - by the way this was the first time i was actually meeting benita!! our 16yr old prodigy! HI skeetz~ =]

hey what the heck! everyone wrote about our bootcamp so let me try to fill in some gaps that were missed

after i was almost late picking up our coach, i perfectly met up with the girls at a different airport (yes, i had to drive the opposite direction to make trips to two different airports!!)

they stayed in my place at school and it was pretty ghetto.. they had to sleep in the living room with two mattresses on the floor, and one on the couch. i gave up my room for aZn, even though i didnt want to. but what can i say, im too nice.

much thanks to my roomies who let them stay here with us, it was pretty crowded.. *sorry rose!!*

anyway, the first day of bootcamp was slow.. everyone seemed tired and jet lagged and setup itself took about 3 hours. trying to get our cfgs and setups right took a while. we worked as a team on the four of us and realized many things we never noticed at home. we saw that we may need to change up positions and setups (lanning really helps us notice the little things that we wouldve never known) and im glad we were able to. now i feel we can successfully grow as a team knowing how each player wants/needs to play. we're hoping that we can bootcamp here in chicago again really soon.. but with our actual 5th who we've just about decided on. we found out that ESWC is earlier this year (end of june instead of in july) which shortens our time. we need to start buckling down right now. sunday which was our last day to play we literally stayed in the office from 1PM to 1AM. we took advantage of our time and even ordered delivery food because we wanted to keep playing. man thats dedication! my teammates didnt get to experience chicago, but they dont seem to mind because they came here for business! sunday night alice, aZn and i had long conversations when the other two were sleeping to figure out what was wrong and what needed to be fixed and im glad we did so. i feel like although this bootcamp was short, it was worth it.

i know the wait on our 5th is brutal, but we want to be sure shes the right candidate and we wouldnt want to be letting out names of other girls we considered especially if they werent going to end up joining.

this weekend was tiring, but fun!
i have to go do homework now, so im going to finish here.
thanks everyone for your interest and support!! we appreciate it!!

update about valentines day.

By jenny 'jso' so
Feb 12, 2009 08:01

SO, due to my randomness hitting me in real life, i got a piercing today! LOL, i need to stop impulse piercing.. sigh* whats next? a tattoo?? :D

anyway, the bootcamp is coming up in just 3 days!
due to unfortunate circumstances, the 5th we have been playing with has decided to not play anymore. everything was going well as planned but suddenly she let us all know on monday night that she is having personal problems back home and cant concentrate on CS anymore. best of luck to her, and i hope for the best in her situation.

crap, now what do we do?
we've been going through so many practices with this 5th and we were all terribly sympathetic for her, but at the same time worried about our team. this process of finding a new 5th has been going on way too long (2-3 months now).

thankfully, the girls will still be arriving on saturday morning. i am to pick them up from the airport at around 11AM. from there we're going to come back to my place, and then head out to the steel series office in chicago. we will be using the laptops from Fujitsu that we received last summer, and will still be carrying on with our planned bootcamp. since we only have 4 girls here, another friend of the team has agreed to come out here and help us.

we as a team.. are seeking a new 5th again.
(although we do see a girl whom everyone knows/likes which may actually end up being our 5th :P)

stay tuned for more blogs/information on our bootcamp and our never ending 5th search =P

happy birthday mom.

By jenny 'jso' so
Feb 5, 2009 11:22

i should be sleeping..
i have class in like 7 hours.. 11am-8pm yet im writing a blog... i dont understand myself sometimes.

anyway. its february already? todays my moms birthday! shes exactly 30 years older than me.. yea my moms getting old =P and in 5 days its my dads birthday.. crazy.

but not to mention in march its MY BIRTHDAY!!!! yay! (actually that was a very sarcastic yay since i am not excited about growing old. at all.)

this month is obviously VERY busy for me! birthdays, valentines, more birthdays.. its like neverending!! but it sucks when youre broke.. im like a super hermit right now.

anyway, as lidy has mentioned in her blog.. i get to see my ladies next week!! im so excited!! i havent seen them in so long.. well i saw alice couple months ago, but it was for like less than 36 hours... hahahahah. i miss my teammates.. i cant wait till theyre here. theyre all going to arrive on valentines day... sweet. i have 4 valentines this year.. or maybe more? ;)
do you guys all have a valentines? who needs valentines anyway. stupid hallmark holiday that just makes people waste money. on this sweet holiday i get to headshot people and yell at my monitor. oh bloody hell that seems so much sweeter than chocolate and flowers. =)

wow i keep getting side tracked.. thats my A.D.D side taking over... or it might be the 4:14AM nonsense. either or.. back to what i was initially trying to say..

oh yea! next weekend! the girls arrive on saturday and im going to pick them up at the airport. im obviously turning into the best taxi service chicago has to offer.. jk. they will all be staying with me at my apt style dorms (we'll video blog for you guys to see). i hope it wont be too cramped.. i live in a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom with a living room and a kitchen so i think we'll have ample amounts of space. unless my 2 other roommates are here.. then there might be way too much estrogen in the air for me to handle. theyll be staying till monday night which is fine with me since i only have classes on tuesdays and thursdays. i really hope the weekend theyre here is productive for us as a team because i think we really need to start crackin and getting ourselves into the game. i dont know if i should reveal who our 5th will be at the bootcamp (which is at the steeloffice right here in chicago).. so ill just wait till somebody else posts it.. or maybe even the higher ranks in SK.

ill just keep you guys all hanging in curiosity ;)

anyway. good night and ill blog again soon.
sorry its so random but i really hope you guys know by now.. im this random.

i think i should invest in gloves.

By jenny 'jso' so
Jan 24, 2009 22:41

i think i need mittens is because i leave my window partially open... and my monitor sits right in front of it. i get a nice breeze of 20deg chicago winter weather in my room.. i dont like when my room is all stuffy and warm! it makes me angry. wait, instead of mittens i want those glittens! gloves that are mittens! i have them but i cant find them.. ugh.

anyway... so, here i am waiting for my girls to find a scrim so we can continue with our practice. we play about 3-4 times a week as everyone is re-adjusting to back to school and work. we played a lot more during winter break.. but now i think this set schedule of ours is enough as we still undergo this tedious tryout process. during the weekdays we end kind of early because poor lidy has to wake up at 6am :P saturdays are our main days and we devote almost all of them to playing morning to early evening. i guess since the end of the month is approaching you guys will hear who our new 5th is soon :P

we should be ending in a couple hours.. and i get to go clubbing to celebrate my friends birthday! (hopefully this time i can stay longer than an hour without passing out.. ha ha ha right alice? alex? walle? ROFL!!) the story behind me passing out at ESWC finals is pretty short.. but alice did too!!!! we both left after an hour of partying.. hahahahahaha

but outside of CS my life is the same old. college is always a pain but i only have classes on tuesdays and thursdays.. 11am-8pm no breaks D: !!!!! one of my teachers i swear is an absolute lunatic and i hope he chokes on his own spit. hes freaking smelly too. my next video blog ill show you guys my campus and stuff but i dunno people at school will think im weird walking around and filming.. but the pink vado is pretty small and i guess i can walk around as if its an mp3 player. HEHE. mon wed fri i have work/practice ^_^.

my life is boring.

my dog got taken away from my living area because i had drama with one of my roommates (who happened to move out after i made her cry). i didnt even yell at her!!! she just cant handle confrontation. promise. she moved out two days ago and im glad shes not here. now im thinking of a mission to sneak my dog back in sometime this week without getting caught. im pretty clutch so im not even worried but i miss my doggie.. :/ now theres only 3 of us living here and we dont know when a new roommate will arrive. hopefully not until after the SK ladies come for bootcamp. that way when they stay with me we will have more room!! hahahaha =)!

anyway, stay tuned for more blogs from me and my teammates.. and be sure to check out our video blogs!

jso -- history ;]

By jenny 'jso' so
Jan 19, 2009 05:32

yes, im obviously stuck at work again.
so once again here i am at work writing another fine blog.
the first one was about our team, and now this is about me.
(i figure cuz a lot of it is about my brother and i, ill attatch a picture of us :P [yea yea, we sort of look a like -_-] )

the first time i ever saw counterstrike was at home in the basement. yes, the times of a young girl peering into her brothers room as he talked to a monitor was what sparked my curiosity for the game. my brother used to play cs a lot and even played it competitively for a bit. he began playing at lan centers, but one day finally decided to bring the game home and install it on his own computer (thank god ;]!).

he knew how addicting the game was/is and absolutely banished me from his room and gave me a strict warning about how much trouble i would be in if he ever caught me playing. of course, being as rebellious as i am, i managed to work around his threats and began playing it on my own. i had noone to teach me what to do so i went on a mission to figure out what this appealing game was.. and i was determined to talk to the monitor as well!!! :P

i first opened the game when it was version 1.5, and i was a freshman in highschool. my brother, whos four years older than i am, would lock his computer every night but luckily started to get lazy and i had access to it. i didnt know how the hell i was supposed to start it.. i didnt even know how to join a server!!! whenever he went out i went into his room and began the self training missions that they used to have where i would have to shoot targets and rescue hostages. i had so much fun sitting in the dark getting scared by random things shooting at me and eventually i easily "pwned" them. hehe :)

my brother caught me playing and saw there would be no real harm done since he figured i would just remain a pub star if that and taught me how to join servers. i still didnt know what to buy and eventually just bought every gun till i figured out which worked best... LOL my brother kept me on a pretty tight leash and restricted my social life by a great margin which is why i fell into counterstrike. day after day, night after night whenever my brother wasnt home i began to play endless hours of this game in pubs. i literally became nocturnal when summer rolled around and my mom began to HATE this game with a passion for being the obsession of my life. hahahahah (and to think she still hates it :(...)

my mom eventually told on me and my brother uninstalled cs from his computer. at this point i was devastated! ive grown so addicted to the game i was pissed he wouldnt let me play! if he wouldnt let me play he should at least let me go out right? wrong. i was stuck at home forced to do homework which i didnt do and was annoyed at the fact of being treated like a baby. by this time i was a sophomore.

when he went away to college i think thats when it went downhill for me. he got his own comp and i got his old one and installed cs right away. i began highschool with a 3.8 gpa, and by the time my brother left it gradually fell to 3.5, 3.2.. and even lower by the time i graduated. LOL around my sophomore year i met another girl who changed my view on cs as a whole. i used to be a pub allstar who refused to join a team till this girl explained to me the benefits of her lan team. it was an all girl clan and they were all experienced. they recruited me even though i had no knowledge in scrimming or anything.

we played in tournaments and we practiced on lan and they taught me the basics behind scrimming. when the team broke up i realized that i wouldnt get better unless i played with guys and so soon enough i began playing with a lot of chicago locals. i never joined any of the male teams but instead made my own female teams and led those for quite a while. this went on for at least 3-4 years and i got sick of being on horrid female teams! i later joined male teams and then one day tried out for SK. the first time i was on this team i myself was not up for the challenge and dedication these girls put in. i was actually timid and afraid and it greatly affected my play style. i left the team before eswc 2007 and made a promise to myself that i would get better (i didnt like the fact i wasnt one of the best). i immediately took the game way more seriously and took time to understand it using my head, more than my aim.

i then heard of SK's need for a new 5th and i tried out for them a second time. i knew they wouldnt know the time/effort i put into making myself a better player, but im pretty sure they saw the difference right away. the tryout process this time around was quite short for me.. whereas the first time it took over a month.

im happy to have joined a wonderful organization again, and im happy to have such cool girls to play with!

alice and lidy are great people IRL, so outside of the game its nice to be in their company~ im excited to see/play with benita for 2009 as this young 16yr old will definitely amaze many.. and for our 5th i hope its a girl who can mesh in well with us and have as much fun as we already do/did in 2008.

Stuck at work

By jenny 'jso' so
Jan 12, 2009 20:57

being stuck at work in a small and confined space makes you think more about little things. in my already weird mind i like to over-analyze things. (i even do a really bad job with MS paint and put pictures together! look at the SK Ladies!!)

as you all may have already read in alices blog, our departure with two of the old members is going to be crucial. some of you see it as a huge loss, and others have deemed it " quite a blow." we wish them the best of luck in whichever path they chose, but now its time to worry about our new female team for 2009.

we've been having tryouts for about two months, and its slowly coming to an end. we have tried out NUMEROUS girls (i think at one point we had at least 15-20 girls try out for the team). all the girls in north america know what kind of opportunity it is to join such a fantastic organization and each girl tried out because to be honest what is there to lose? we took this process very seriously and had each tryout fill out an application stating their cs history, strongest/weakest map and gun, and also their reasons on why they would like to join our team. we slowly eliminated each girl after running several scrims with them. we spent more time on some girls than the others because we could tell by the first or second scrim which girl was capable of playing counterstrike at our level, when it came to communication and common sense of the game. some of the girls were just quite not experienced enough yet, and others underestimated the seriousness we put into our practices. after the long and tedious practices we have only a couple remaining. our goal is to find our 5th by the end of the month so we can begin to seriously practice with a stable 5.

currently we have alice, jso, lidy, and benita as the four SK members. our 5th whos been in and out has not made it easier on us. since this is pretty much a whole new team we need to quickly find our 5th so we can find our groove and begin to play like a team. although its been quite hectic now, we only see good things for our team in the future.

hopefully you guys will see us at numerous tournaments this year (not only female ones) and we promise to try and bring you a team as intense as last years! stay tuned for more updates on our team!!

Happy New Year !! :)

By jenny 'jso' so
Jan 2, 2009 04:02

Hey guys!!

How was your holidays? man, mine pretty much sucked... all i did was work this whole month!! christmas wasnt too great.. i didnt get any gifts.. LOL my family agreed not to this year.. american economy owns us at the moment. sad huh? i didnt even go home for new years day.. i was too lazy. :/

ill be getting those video blogs uploaded soon... but i should figure out what theyre going to be about. i have a general idea =P not only will i start posting video blogs, but im also going to start uploading demos.. :) are you guys ready to see SK ladies headshot in practices? hehehe =P!!

school starts soon... this is going to be my last year!!! i should graduate college in december 2009. im attending the University of Illinois at Chicago.. im going to graduate with a major in english.. and a minor in criminal justice.. hopefully i will be a teacher one day.. haha but after i graduate i plan to go to korea to teach kids over there.. yes.. full time student with 2 jobs. working for school to take money off my tuition, and playing counterstrike. i wont lie, the second job is way more fun. ^_^

anyway! stay tuned for some updates and news as SK Ladies prepare for a HUGE year!! 2009 is going to be packed with new stuff!! please keep supporting us :)!

come idle #GX3 on gamesurge and you can chit chat with some of us online =)

( by the way how cute is my new puppy? hes the tan one :)! )
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