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How to win SpawN in 1x1 game

By Andrey 'jklEIGHTYSEVEN' Valerievich
Nov 1, 2008 11:35

This piece of creative work is devoted to increase your aim skills, and as the result to win someone extremely popular or just enough skilled as Abdi.
Today is PR event of steelseries in Kiev(Ukraine), as it was somewhere in Europe, where you try to compete SK|SPAWN in 1x1 game, and the best aimer will get a sweet from

Hope Ukraine will beat him, because im sure enough in our players, who devote a lot of their time to frag forcemeat at deathmatch servers.

This article is forced to improve aim skill in my own way. if u can read russian, you can read mostly the same written by me into russian at THIS web page

So lets start to analyze.

Every pro player during the game spent their time: to get info where the enemy comes, to track money, to move on map from sideA to sideB, to climb-up a teammate or to get best position on map and as the result - to frag one and more enemies. But the rest of time - it is some several seconds which everyone in counter strike spent is to kill enemy. If you have doubts on seconds u can object on it, but it is true. Just imagine that you and your enemy has not a 100 health points but a 1000 or more. If you have bad imagination, you may connect to some forgotten server with non pro players and to see the same there. That is why pro player spent 1-2-5 bullets as usual to do it, and spend 1-2-3 seconds.

Today we have a goal to archive the same.

First of all everything depends on reaction. My way to improve it in three steps

Step 1: fast clicking !

My everyday training starts with it. I open winamp media player ( u can load it from for FREE ). First your question is wtf ? :) yeah... nothing similar with CS but the article is not about CS - it is about unusual aim training that will give your effect in few days or less.

After u download it, installed it and opened, go to Option / Preferences / Plugins / Input / Nullsoft Vorbis Decoder v.1.54 ( version of plugin does not matter ) . Click on it and ABOUT button.
This is it - fish. :) click it as fast as possible.. But only with one hand and only with a finger u click in cs to shoot. I know it is boring and pretty tired work but the result is great. Try get the result more than 515 RPM. if u got less - don’t upset, because it is 1st time...

Step2: fast clicking and aiming!

Some years ago i found a flash game, it was nothing special and impressive. But after several years i found it very good in my training. it as Piegates (!downloads/Piegates.exe) it is not advertise of something bad against Microsoft owner , it is just a game.. If u will show me the same but without Pie :) i will use it.
The goal of this flash game is to get points during 30 seconds. Actually me and my friends played this game a lot and got the result 234-244 but as for you there will be enough to get 180 from the first time and from the second times - 200 and more.

Step3: reaction!

When u playing cs, the mostly important thing in shooting is a reaction. It is meant that u and your enemy have the same aiming skills. The point is to shoot from Ak-47(or so) and to kill enemy faster than he will do the same.
Presenting you second flash game reaction.swf (!downloads/reaction.swf)
easy as cup of tea :) click as fast as u can to the yellow spot. the normal time should be 0.18 seconds per spot and less

Now after the table results:
step1: 515 RMP
step2: 200 points
step3: average time 0.18 and less

You can go to deathmatch server, let it be EXTRA-STEP. The main rules of DM severs should be: second armor, 25-30 mins per map and that all. Join it and play 30 mins with AK-47, second map - 30 mins with colt m4a1. Goal is to be in top 3, and to be on the top in "frag per minute".

Repeat all these steps after hour. And repeat all this - during three days, and you will beat SPAWN in nearest future.. that is fo sure!

To track SteelSeries event in Ukraine u can at: this weekend!

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