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MY new PAD

By Мөнхбямба 'jeSter' Бадарч
Sep 1, 2008 10:07

Yeah today i buy new pad Steelseries qck mass. Wow it's Iopen it. Playing Cs 1.6 oooh nice nice

Mongolian National happy day "NAADAM"

By Мөнхбямба 'jeSter' Бадарч
Jul 11, 2009 04:35

Hi all today is 11th of July6.Today is Mongolian National Day. This day called bye NAADAM. Naadam has 3 things.First Mongolian National Wrestling about 512 wreslter.Second is Arching. Third is horse racing.88th Anniversary for National Revolution
This day all Mongolian peoples drink airag(Milk of mary) and eat huushuur(it's national food mongolian).During a 2 day's.
Same day's later i upload Naadam's photo check my profile.
Mongolchuud mini saihan naadaarai bi yavj airag uuj huushuuraa idlee :P
BYE all

Best mouse is 3.0/100%/

By Мөнхбямба 'jeSter' Бадарч
Apr 17, 2009 16:42

Hi all my blog readers.Sorry for my bad english.I since play cs for 15 years old.Now i'm 17
My first mouse is Logitech G3 it's good glide but no shape.
Next mouse is G5 it's ergonomic but when i was young too big use with my hand kk.
Next mouse is mx518 lool but it;s nice mouse for me
next i buy 1.1 for 1year play very good for me but i tried to this mouse 7day's ago i buy 3.0 it's very very very nice to me for headshot's lets done kk
Good Bye I go to bday holiday kk

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