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something special

By Constantine 'hazMa' Lionetti
Jan 4, 2010 10:01

Dishonesty is not a valid tool with which to prove one's superior honesty.

One cannot be humble and superior at the same time.

Those with pride do not commit acts which would damage the object of their pride. Those people who would are merely narcissists.

Right and wrong are not relative to repercussion.

Those most frequently reminding you of their modesty are usually those whose modesty is most lacking.

It's easy to mistake the satisfaction of narcissism for justice. A decent litmus test is to check how much of an audience is demanded for such acts. If the number of people who must be told is greater than "zero", then I've got some bad news.

The distinction between telling the truth and telling plausible untruths is that only one of these relies on the belief of those who can't tell the difference.

He who is never wrong is he who is most often mistaken. Additionally, he who never accepts blame usually has the most to be blamed for.

When one's goal is merely to convince, then the truth becomes of secondary importance. Snake oil salesmen have quotas.

Ambition is neither negative or positive, without a more specific application.

Assuming that everyone lies and then searching for the truth in their statements is superior to calling dishonesty at one's convenience.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. And then do slightly better.

Finally, everyone is special. Except you. Which makes you special, doesn't it?

Can you feel it?..

By Constantine 'hazMa' Lionetti
Nov 30, 2009 10:29

Its like having the skin shredded from you’re body. It bares the soul. All of its intricacies, its hidden depths, the parts you tried so hard to hide from everything and everyone, even from yourself, exposed to all, unable to stay covered. A volcano, magma pouring forth, rolling, tumbling down the mountain’s rocky side, slipping and sliding to the ground, destroying everything in its path. And, with it, comes the tears, falling like rain from normally stony eyes, now bright and alive with the fresh pain they’ve discovered. There is nothing left to hide behind, no way to valiantly pretend you don’t care. You’re open, shown to the world and all of its cruelty, unsheathed, unprotected, unable to stop the torrent of emotions flowing through you. And still you never learn.
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