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Wonderbase 2007 Day 3 Live Blog

By Sebastian 'gosey' Selin
Sep 2, 2007 14:07

00:51 CET (Day 4?)
Just arrived back home and uploaded the last 20 pics,]Check it out[/url].
17:35 CET
Game over :( Lost the final against fnatic, again.. Started out on dust2 which we won 16-7. It was our mappick so we knew that we were good at it. Unfortunately we they knew their map, train even better, 4-16 or something like that. Inferno is a great map for us too, and we played decent but as ALWAYS we lost an eco which totally blew away our focus. That's the main thing we have to focus on right now, and try to get the other maps than dust2 stable. RobbaN is really getting good at being ingame leader now, and you can see it very clear in how the team plays. With a few more weeks of practice I'm sure we will be able to take fnatic down! Still a good tournament for us, we have prooved that we are now back as a consistant top team. See you on the next event hopefully!
Now we'll head home directly after the prize ceremony, a 5 hour car ride back to Stockholm. Will upload todays pictures then, so stay tuned.
15:40 CET
The match will start within 5 minutes, we just had our tactical talk on dust2, which will be the first map. Secon map is train and if a 3rd map is needed it will be inferno. Wish us luck!
14:35 CET
Added around 20 more pictures from yesterday to the gallery, which I renamed to "Day 1 & 2" now. [url=
14:20 CET
Just had to upload this short clip of BUDAK singing ;) Unfortunately I only got a few seconds but its better than nothing!
14:10 CET
First update today, just arrived at the venue, been sleeping long and had a nice breakfast/lunch at a nice cafe close to the hotel. The CS final against fnatic has been rescheduled to 15:00 CET, although I guess it will be delayed as usual... :)
Going to upload the last pics from yesterday now, then I'll get back to you!

Wonderbase 2007 Day 2 Live Blog

By Sebastian 'gosey' Selin
Sep 1, 2007 12:54

23:20 CET
Win again! Just finished the match against ideal, a very strong Danish team 2-0. We won dust2 first on overtime, we played really good sometimes but just gave away too many rounds for free. On their map (nuke) we played extremely well and managed to pick up 14 rounds a T (!), then lost the pistol but got the remaining 2 after 2 ecos.
Tomorror we're facing fnatic in the grand final, around 16:00 CET.
Now we're just going back to the hotel to relaxe, feel good about todays matches and take it easy! CYA.
20:22 CET
Win! Beat da4ce with 16-10 (7-8 T, 9-2 CT) on de_nuke. T side was ok, 7 rounds as T is decent but we should have won more. But we won and thats what matters! Now we will play the winner of IDEAL (Danish team) and hippopotamus in a bo3 maps semi-final.
19:53 CET
The match got a bit delayed so fisker went to do some warmup!
19:28 CET
Our first playoff match will start any minute now, against da4ce on nuke. It's single elimination so we really need to win this one!
The players have been chilling in town/at the hotel since the last match, just been taking it easy. So now we are fit for fight and ready to win.
17:25 CET
The playoffs will start asap, and they told us that our first playoff match will start in like 1 hour. Since 10 teams progress from the group stage, they have to make it a 16 team bracket, which means that 4 of the teams won't have to play the first teams (4 of the group winners).
16:57 CET
Group winners! Won the last match against Inzania with 26-4 (11-4, 15-0, they dropped after last round). Feels great to have passed the group stage so easy even though we had really crappy computers. Still not sure about the playoffs, but I guess we'll play atleast 1 game today.
16:07 CET
Just won the second group stage match against Playstar, which I think was the second best team in our group. 21-9 was the final score, 12-3 as T and then 9-6 as CT on train. Hard to focus 100% when you already won the match (16-4 or something like that) but still a nice match! The next and last match of the group against Inzania will start in 5-10 mins.
We will probably play 1-2 playoff matches today aswell, nothing is 100% sure yet since the whole tournament is so heavily delayed already.
15:20 CET
SK vs Playstar will start any minute now, all players are on the server/connecting as we speak!
14:32 CET
EYE just announced their new CS 1.6 team on the stage here on Wonderbase, and as everyone expected it was Divine (ex Begrip). Read the latest scene news for more info plus pictures and a short video of the stage introduction!
We will start our next game asap, but again they are having troubles with the network so we are just waiting for that to get solved... Things are already over 2 hours delayed, but I'll keep you updated as soon as I know more.
12:55 CET
First update today, came kind of late but I've been having some troubles getting internet to work on the computer. Fortunately a network tech guy came to help me and when he finally fixed internet on my computer - everyone else got kicked out :) So right now I'm the only one with internet working... ;) Strange things!
Anyway, we woke up at 9:00 today and gathered in the hotel lobby to eat some breakfast. After that we went back to our rooms to get ready for the tournament, our first match were supposed to start at 11:00 but it didn't start untill like 12:30. The computers that we got to borrow are very bad, 2.5gz, 512mb ram.. not the best conditions, but it should be ok to make it trough the group stage (playoffs are on other computers).
The mood in the team is great, and we could easy win the first match in the group stage, 23-7 against Battle. Next match should start asap against Playstar on train. They are probably the second best team in our group and should not be underestimated. Train is not our best map either, but I think we should be fine.
First bunch of pictures should be up now, so enjoy!
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