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Wonderbase 2007 Day 1

By Sebastian 'gosey' Selin
Aug 31, 2007 19:11

Hey everyone,
Our day today started at 11:00 as we gathered at Inferno-Online to go by minivan together to Wonderbase which is located in BorĂ¥s, a 5 hour drive from Stockholm.
The trip went just fine and we had a great time in the bus, I mean, how can't you when you got fisker and striker in the same car ;)
We arrived to Wonderbase around 18:00 and checked out the venue which was really nice! Only problem was that the tournament doesn't seem to be on time as they didn't manage to fix internet on the whole day and still didn't install anything on the tournament computers. However we managed to schedule our matches to tomorrow, so we are now at the hotel to just chill out for the whole evening. The first group stage match will start at 11:00 CET tomorrow, not sure yet who we will play.
Will upload a few pictures from our trip, the venue and the rest of our night before it's bedtime. Cu all later!

WCG Qualifier Group Stage Recap

By Sebastian 'gosey' Selin
Aug 18, 2007 03:42

Hello everyone,
Since there wasn't any HLTV available on the group stage of the Swedish WCG Qualifier, I thought I'd write a little bit about my view on SK's matches today.
Game 1 vs underbar (de_dust2)
The team was really pumped up before the match as we lost to them in one of the online qualifiers. We lost the cointoss so we had to start as CT, won the pistol, and then just kept on rolling them. Dust2 is one of our best maps at the moment and we really showed them how it's done on LAN! ;) 13-2 after first half, then we took 3 straight rounds as T to win the game. So 16-2 though we had to finish all rounds because of the group stage and the final result was 20-10. RobbaN is now the ingame leader again and did his job very well, taking a lot of important AWP kills.
Game 2 vs fnatic (de_inferno)
We knew this game was going to be really hard, as we've been having a hard time getting the team ready to practice since GameGune, we only had a short 3 day bootcamp before this event. Inferno is probably our worst map at the moment aswell, so we knew that it would be very hard. We lost the first pistol round and then fnatic came up to a score that's pretty much the worst start you can get in CS - a 2-7 disadvantage and we were forced to a double save round if I'm not misstaken. One of those losses was a deagle ECO by fnatic which have happened in pretty much every match against them now. Extremely bad by us and it got even worse as we almost managed to win a save round against them after, but then lost a 1vs3 against dsn. 10-5 to fnatic after first half (SK CT).
Second half we started out by winning the pistol round, and then played very well, in the end it came down to the last 2 rounds. With a 14-14 score fisker was 1vs2 with the bomb planted, got the first guy but unfortunately died to the second. The last round was just bad by us as we tried a fast rush but got owned by dsn in the middle. Still a pretty good match by us considering all the misstakes we did, so we're looking forward to facing them in the final again! Big props to striker who played amazing the entire game and took a lot of important kills and close rounds.
Game 3 vs CAI (de_nuke)
This was the match that we looked forward most too, as we lost to these guys several times during the online qualifier, but managed to pass to the final qualifier in the end because of a flash bug by them. We knew that we could beat these guys on LAN, although I think we got a bit too overconfident on the LAN conditions as we lost A LOT of stupid rounds. We won the cointoss and started out as CT, which a big advantage on a map like nuke. Again... we lost a deagle ECO and the halftime score was 10-5 in our favour. A decent result but not good considering what kind of rounds we lost. As T we lost the pistol and things didn't look very good, I have to say that we played pretty bad but still impressive that we managed to win the match, 16-11.
I have to admit that it's quite fun to see the difference on some teams and players performances in online compared to offline events.
Overall I am very happy with the players individual performances today, although we have to work some more on the communication.
Tomorrow we're facing NiP in the semi-final in a best of 3 matchup, which is very good for us I think. We haven't lost to them so far this year and we don't have any plans on doing that either!
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