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NiP to ESWC - Blague De Ouf

By Sebastian 'gosey' Selin
Jun 29, 2007 03:56

Today ESWC announced that the Korean team Lunatic-Hai and American team mugNmouse was unable to attend the event. They also announced their replacements - NiP from Sweden and H2k from Denmark.
Now, H2k deserves their spot as they have been doing well in many European leagues and tournaments lately, and everyone knows that they had some bad luck at the qualifier. That's actually what I like about ESWC, or usually do. They always seem to know a lot about the scene and made a very wise descision to invite both MYM and 69N-28E to this years tournament, as they were both lacking national qualifiers.
NiP on the other hand, is a good team, no doubt about that. But do they deserve their spot to ESWC? No. Noway.
The Swedish qualifier was one of the highlights this year, with teams like SK, fnatic, NiP and Begrip going for the 2 spots that Sweden had. The 8 teams got seeded and were put in 2 groups, 2 groups with 4 teams in each group. The #1,3,5,7 seed in Group A and #2,4,6,8 in Group B. The seedings were debatable and eventually fnatic, SK and Begrip ended up in the same group, from which only 2 of the teams would proceed.
The group also turned out to be as hard as it was on the paper, as SK beat Begrip, Begrip beat fnatic and fnatic beat SK. So the group was decided on round difference, which ment that fnatic and Begrip proceeded to the semi-finals. Worth noting is that Begrip won 1 round more in total than SK.
NiP didn't have much problems winning their group, and together with EvilZone proceeded to the semi-finals. In the semi-finals Begrip beat NiP and fnatic beat EvilZone. Which means that fnatic and Begrip would represent Sweden at ESWC 2007.
Now, which is the 3rd best team? According to ESWC it was NiP, because they won their group. Oh wait, their group was SLIGHTLY easier than the other? Oh well. SK beat Begrip. NiP lost to Begrip.
1 week later - ESWC US Qualifier (WSVG Louisville), WB Semi-Final, SK vs NiP 16-8. Consolation Final, SK vs NiP 16-8 again. 2 official ESWC tournaments where the results truly speaks in favour for SK.
I was having a chat with the head organizer for the Swedish ESWC Qualifier last night, and their reply was that NiP went trough the groupstage, and thereby got the spot to ESWC. Is that fair? I mean, having 2 groups and taking the 2 best teams from each group. Then suddenly you need a third best team? What if all the 3 best teams are in the same group? This was the case in Group A.
Let's have a look at SK's "road to ESWC":
Win vs Begrip
Win vs esc.Novamania
Loss vs fnatic
(Win vs NiP)
(Win vs NiP)
... and NiP:
Win vs hippopotamus
Win vs Cold As Ice
Win vs Evilzone
Loss vs Begrip
(Loss vs SK)
(Loss vs SK)
The () means the results of the US Qualifier.
As I stated earlier, I've always liked ESWC because they know what they have to do to host a great tournament. They know what teams to invite to get the perfect tournament.
The Swedish qualifier was formed to find the 2 best teams, not 3.
While I'm still writing, I might aswell compare some of SK and NiP's performances during the year.
1st SEC Qualifier (Beating both fnatic & NiP)
1st SEC (Beating Pentagram, NoA & MYM)
4th Extreme Masters (Beating MYM, H2k, Losing to fnatic)
4th NGL ONE Season 2 (Losing to NoA & fnatic)
2nd WSVG Louisville (Beating NiP twice, losing to 69N-28E)
3rd of 3 teams SEC Qualifier (Losing to SK & fnatic)
1st Spixelania (Beating Begrip)
Well, as you can see, there is nothing logic nor fair in inviting NiP to ESWC instead of SK.
Everyone knows that ESWC is the highlight of the year, there won't be another tournament with so many world class teams attending. Everyone also knows that SK can't afford missing ESWC and ESWC can't afford missing SK.
By the way, blague de ouf means joke of the year in French...

WSVG Day2: Whats happening?

By Sebastian 'gosey' Selin
Jun 22, 2007 22:11

As I have direct contact with the SK players, I'll let you guys know what they know about the WSVG event.
The matches and results can be found in our
- Last Update @ 01:44 CET
- "The score will be 5-3 to them, we will both join with 800, then they will kill us 3 rounds in a row, then it's live."
- Update @ 01:34 CET
- "Ehm ok, an admin just rs'ed."
(Score was 3-5 to x6)
- Update @ 00:40 CET
- "Seems like everyone is moving now and connecting their stuff."
- Update @ 00:10 CET
The matches are supposed to start asap, though they have some problems with the seatings. Apparently Check-Six were sitting on the row behind SK, which made it possible for them to see SK's screens. According to the admins almost all the teams will be re-seated so be prepared for some even more delays.
- Update @ 23:35 CET
All matches in the WB Round 1 has now been played, and it's time for the WB Quarter-Finals which will be played on de_train. There is still no words from the admins when the matches will be played, but we will make sure to keep you guys posted.
- Update @ 22:53 CET
The servers are up now again, so the SK/team34 match and Convention/Turmoil matches should start again any minute.
- Update @ 22:32 CET
Last word from fisker:
"Don't know whats happening, the servers are still not up yet. Not even sure if they are trying to either..."
- Update @ 22:00 CET
The SK/a5 match will restart with the score 7-2 to SK and startmoney 5000. Don't have any details about the Convention/Turmoil match but probably the same thing will happen there.
- Update @ 21:55 CET
Apparently they have some network issues at the tournament area, that's why the SK/a5 and Convention/Turmoil matches are currently paused. In the SK match robban and allen lagged out, so game was paused, then when it was paused striker and one of the a5 players lagged out aswell.

WSVG Day1: Interview with fisker

By Sebastian 'gosey' Selin
Jun 21, 2007 16:45

I caught up with fisker just after he woke up, about 2 hours before their first groupstage match at WSVG Louisville.
What do you think about the sudden descision to go to WSVG?
It came as a nice surprise, we were really dissapointed after the ESWC-Qualifier so hopefully we'll manage to do good over seas!
What do you think about your chances at the event?
I think we have really good chances to place top3 here, some good european aswell as american teams here but nothing that we cant handle.
What is your key to win the event?
Everyone got really glad when we heard the news about going to Louisville, now we're here, we live really nice as usual in the US. We just have to turn all the goodstuff into full counter-strike focus! I just need a pool ;)
Which team do you think will be hardest to beat?
I would say, 69N or NiP.
What do you know about the American teams?
Nohing actually, just know that we have to win all games anyway.
What is your first impression of Louisville?
Perfect weather, friendly people, havent seen so much though. We went straight from the airport to the hotel and then to bed.
Any last comments or shoutouts?
I would like to say to the noobs at Inferno-Online that we are gonna win this now!! And to our fans, we really need your support right now!

Bye Dreamhack, Hi WSVG

By Sebastian 'gosey' Selin
Jun 21, 2007 14:14

Just thought I'd let you guys know about what happened in the SK CS team the last 2-3 days.
First of all, the ESWC Qualifier, which didn't really turn out the way we wanted. First match we didn't play our best game but still we managed to beat Begrip, who by the way are on a superb streak at the moment. Second match we knew we had to win big since Begrip beat fnatic, so we won 29-1 against quattrolan.
Then.. we played against fnatic, and we lost. Pretty big. We felt really good going into the match, since we had the chance to make sure that fnatic wouldn't go to ESWC this year. Also de_train which is (was?) our best map, especially the CT side where you probably can count the number of rounds lost on the bootcamp on both of your hands.
Anyway, we started out good aswell, won the pistolround flawless. Then, well, something happened. We lost an eco, lost a few more... and a few more. After a while we realized that we had lost the match and we knew that we just had to win as many rounds as possible to proceed from the group. Though we didn't know how many since Begrip were playing the other team at the same time. So everyone in the team just got really confused, and we tried to win as many rounds as we could but it just wasn't possible. fnatic played really fast and we were always low on cash, meaning that we didn't afford any/enough grenades, which are vital as CT on train.
So we lost, bigtime. None really can explain what happened, we just lost. After the match we knew that it would be hard for us to proceed, and after counting the rounds, we saw that we ended on +12 while Begrip had +14, meaning that 1 round won would have been enough for us to make it a draw, and 2 to proceed to the playoffs.
Probably the worst CS day in our entire lives so far :\
When we sat on the train on our way home from Jönköping to Stockholm, I recieved an SMS from bds:
- "We're going to WSVG, let the guys know."
Everyone got really excited, after having such a bad weekend we finally have a big chance to proove ourselves again. With NiP, 69N-28E and mouz there, we will get some great matches for sure, and hopefully manage to bring home our second tournament of the year.
So they guys went home, re-packed their stuffs and met up at Inferno Online where they spent the entire night as their flight to USA left at 07:10.
I really really hope that the guys can bring this one home, so let's wait and see!

Day2 Morning at Dreamhack S07

By Sebastian 'gosey' Selin
Jun 17, 2007 10:57

Hi again,
Didn't write too long ago, but we have got to known a lot of new stuff so it's time to update.
RobbaN, SpawN, fisker and me met up in the breakfast area of the hotel and had a great breakfast. allen and striker wanted to have a few more hours of sleep so they decided to stay and get their beauty sleep.
We also got to know the groups, earlier than expected, and they were kind of strange to be honest!
Since ESWC has some automatic system that puts all odd seeded teams in 1 group and all even seeded teams in 1, the groups ain't really 100% fair, since #1 and #3 gets in the same group.
Anyway, I think that's only good for us since we get to start the tournament with some really hard matches, against both Begrip and fnatic. Hopefully we will win our group and then get we don't have to face any of the best 4 teams (not top 4 seeded) in the single elimination match, the match where the winner will go to ESWC and later on play the final if they will get a paid trip or not.
The team feels really good about it aswell, we have good tactics on all maps so we are very prepared!
Hopefully you can tune in to HLTV and see us win today ;)
Will do my best to keep this blog updated during the day!

First day at Dreamhack S07

By Sebastian 'gosey' Selin
Jun 17, 2007 01:19

Heyo everyone,
Right now I'm sitting at the Scandic hotel like 200m away from Dreamhack, fisker is sleeping behind me and I have just finished uploading the first set of pictures for you to view.
We left Stockholm by train at 16:20 today and arrived in Jönköping around 19-20. After that we went to drop off our bags at the hotel and then headed to check out Dreamhack. The weather are just awful here, the rain just never stops pooring down.
We checked out the ESWC area which seemed fairly nice, again they have managed to put the computers maybe a bit too close to eachother so I'm not sure how that will affect the teams ingame speaking. I know its good for us anyway since we talk much and loud, so hopefully our opponents will find it disturbing ;)
As expected NiP and Begrip managed to win their groups and made it to the final qualifier. The teams have been told to register at 12:00 and thats when the seeding will be released aswell.
We have also caught up some with our Russian friends from Megapolis, who are participating in the female tournament here at Dreamhack. They managed to win their first match against Temptation which was 7 (!) hours delayed.
Anyway, the first day has been great, the team have already met a lot of nice fans and good friends, so we definitley have 2 very exciting days ahead of us!
Good night,
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