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SK in Russia April 07

By Sebastian 'gosey' Selin
Apr 14, 2007 23:31

So I just came home from a crazy trip to Moscow, Russia. As you guys have probably seen, we have been there during this weekend to participate in a showmatch against at the GG Awards.
Unfortunately Snajdan couldn't make it so I had to make a last minute step-in for him, as it takes ~1 week to get a visa to Russia. I haven't played any CS for over a year so it was probably not the best standin that you have seen. But anyway, it went ok if you ask me!
It started out on dust2, and we managed to win first half with 8-7 as T on dust2 after some really nice play by fisker and SpawN. As CT we won 8-2 so 16-9 after the first map which was pretty good considering everything ;)
On inferno it just went bad, lost the cointoss which ment that we had to start as T, and inferno with no tactics is not the most fun! So they just steamrolled us, 0-16.
Nuke looked pretty much the same, except that we managed to get 2 rounds as T, but then we actually played a pretty decent CT side where we managed to take 11 rounds before they took their 3. So 13-16, not too bad!
Now I can atleast add 1 more thing to my merit list - beating on dust2! ;)
The event itself was really nice, even though it was in Russian but from what we understood everyone seemed to have a really great time. Afterwards they took us to Club Opera which is one of the best clubs in Moscow. There we all had a very very nice time and spent pretty much the whole evening and night!
Overall the trip was really nice, and we learned to know a lot of fun people, of course the guys, the girls from megapolis and a lot of very nice fans! Too bad it didn't last a few more days :)
Big thanks to eSport Lab for making this trip possible!
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