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Australia Day 1

By Sebastian 'gosey' Selin
Mar 1, 2006 11:20

We were actually supposed to be in the air to Australia right now, but as a matter of fact, me and SpawN are still at Inferno-Online in Stockholm. Unfortunately we had some bad timing with getting visa to Australia, which forced us to rebook the flight 1 day later.
bds, fisker, Snajdan and TheSlaSH are already in the air now though, and will be landing in a couple of hours. Mine, ahl and SpawN's flight leaves in a few hours, and I've been sitting here all night at IOS to try to adapt to the Australian timezone as good as possible.
Not the best start of this trip, but atleast we will be able to make it in time as we will land early on the morning of the ATI Mania Day.
Can't wait for the flight to leave so I finally can get some sleep!
Cu all in a day or so (that's how long the flight takes!).
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