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GameGune - Day 2 LIVE Blog

By Sebastian 'gosey' Selin
Jul 21, 2007 13:44

# 00:00 CET
Just watched some of the last matches, Begrip beat MYM on overtime. Great match, though I really have to head back to the hotel now to catch some sleep for tomorrow morning. The fnatic vs emuLate match seem to have been postponed to 12:00 CET. See you then!
# 22:35 CET
cogu just stopped by and told me that the matches might be changed, as they apparently have made the brackets totally wrong. Since PGS(Seed #1) are facing mibr(Seed#3) in the WB Semi. Not sure what's going to happen but I'll keep you guys updated when I know more.
# 22:15 CET
Hmm we lost! The guys headed back home and I'm going to stick here for a while. Check out the coverage for the latest results.
# 20:47 CET
The match are just about to start now, SpawN and allen had to change computers because theirs were just totally messed up. Can't believe how much admins let the players change. Too many players are using very strange configurations and stuff. Always wrong with the sound and mouse.
Anyway, the match should start in 5-10 min tops.
# 19:50 CET
We just got our seats for the game vs ZYKON, so the players are setting up their stuff right now. My guess is that the game will begin in like 20-30 minutes (~20:15).
RobbaN wrote a blog a few minutes ago aswell, so be sure to check that out! Cu guys after the game, will upload some more pictures and demos then.
# 18:30 CET
Nice match, won against Mushkin (former atLanteam) in the LB round 1 on dust2. Could have won bigger but 16-6 is not that bad. Now we are going to play ZYKON on inferno, and if we win that we will face redCode (defusekids) on nuke. So we feel really good about the upcoming matches and should hopefully be able to reach the LB Semi-Finals without too much hazzle. But you never know with CS these days!
Check out POV demos of SpawN and allen from the Mushkin match.
# 17:20 CET
Just uploaded some pics from the second day, so check it out. Now I'm off to the tournament area to check out SK vs Mushkin that should start any minute. More pictures coming later!
# 17:00 CET
An admin just contacted me and told me to bring the team to the tournament area, so the match should start around 17:30 CET, just as I expected.
We just had some food and the players are ready to bring this tournament home from the loser bracket! :) Lots of matches inc!
# 15:40 CET
Just lost to 69N-28E. Pretty bad considering we were up 11-4 after first half. Don't know what to say really, just sad :(. Now we're playing Mushkin in the Lower Bracket, not sure when it's going to start but I'm guessing within an hour.
# 14:25 CET
Since the redCode/Convention match was more delayed than the others, 69N-28E couldn't set up their stuff untill now. So the SK guys have been warming up for a while now, and the match should start in like 20 minutes (~14:40/50).
# 13:45 CET
Sitting in the press area waiting for SK who will play 69N-28E in like 20 minutes. Everything seems to be around 1 hour and 30 minutes delayed. Will start updating this blog every time that I can during the day, so keep put!
Make sure to check out the video interviews that Alex did with allen and fisker, and also the POV demo of cogu from mibr vs Begrip, crazy CT half.
The day1 gallery has been updated with the last bunch of pictures from yesterday aswell, and expect a gallery from the second day soon after SK has finished their game.

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