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WSVG Day1: Interview with fisker

By Sebastian 'gosey' Selin
Jun 21, 2007 16:45

I caught up with fisker just after he woke up, about 2 hours before their first groupstage match at WSVG Louisville.
What do you think about the sudden descision to go to WSVG?
It came as a nice surprise, we were really dissapointed after the ESWC-Qualifier so hopefully we'll manage to do good over seas!
What do you think about your chances at the event?
I think we have really good chances to place top3 here, some good european aswell as american teams here but nothing that we cant handle.
What is your key to win the event?
Everyone got really glad when we heard the news about going to Louisville, now we're here, we live really nice as usual in the US. We just have to turn all the goodstuff into full counter-strike focus! I just need a pool ;)
Which team do you think will be hardest to beat?
I would say, 69N or NiP.
What do you know about the American teams?
Nohing actually, just know that we have to win all games anyway.
What is your first impression of Louisville?
Perfect weather, friendly people, havent seen so much though. We went straight from the airport to the hotel and then to bed.
Any last comments or shoutouts?
I would like to say to the noobs at Inferno-Online that we are gonna win this now!! And to our fans, we really need your support right now!

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