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Day2 Morning at Dreamhack S07

By Sebastian 'gosey' Selin
Jun 17, 2007 10:57

Hi again,
Didn't write too long ago, but we have got to known a lot of new stuff so it's time to update.
RobbaN, SpawN, fisker and me met up in the breakfast area of the hotel and had a great breakfast. allen and striker wanted to have a few more hours of sleep so they decided to stay and get their beauty sleep.
We also got to know the groups, earlier than expected, and they were kind of strange to be honest!
Since ESWC has some automatic system that puts all odd seeded teams in 1 group and all even seeded teams in 1, the groups ain't really 100% fair, since #1 and #3 gets in the same group.
Anyway, I think that's only good for us since we get to start the tournament with some really hard matches, against both Begrip and fnatic. Hopefully we will win our group and then get we don't have to face any of the best 4 teams (not top 4 seeded) in the single elimination match, the match where the winner will go to ESWC and later on play the final if they will get a paid trip or not.
The team feels really good about it aswell, we have good tactics on all maps so we are very prepared!
Hopefully you can tune in to HLTV and see us win today ;)
Will do my best to keep this blog updated during the day!

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