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ESWC 07 - Over for this time!

By Sebastian 'gosey' Selin
Jul 8, 2007 20:26

Well now this years ESWC is over, the grand final between PGS and NoA started out really boring, NoA played very slow as T on train and PGS could win quite easily. At the second map (nuke) NoA totally failed as CT and only managed to get 5 rounds, and it looked like it was going to be another easy win for PGS, but the crowd helped NoA to stay in the game, who managed to win the second map after double overtime!
Sunde played EXTREMELY well and did some really crazy stuffs, which the crowd just loved. I'd say that about 80 percent of the live spectators were cheering for NoA and it probably boosted their morale a lot. In the end PGS just showed that they were the better team and Neo played crazy as usual, 2-1 to PGS and they continue to show that they are the best team in the world at the moment.
The female final was played yesterday too and fortunately (!) it wasn't as exciting since SK played extremely well and won the final after 2 straight maps.
We have some video footage of the World of Warcraft exhibition game between Nihilum and Millenium coming up, aswell as an interview with XeqtR and some footage from the female final!
Now we're off to the ESWC 2007 Party, cya later!

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