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ESWC 07 - Day 2 Details

By Sebastian 'gosey' Selin
Jul 6, 2007 17:11

The second day of the ESWC 2007 Grand Finals has been, pretty mixed! It started out with the CS female teams finishing their first groupstage, which wasn't too exciting to be honest. SK managed to beat the Chinese team though which was extremely nice!
The second group stage was drawn aswell, SK got in the same group as BTB, LadieS and redCode. The other group was Seules, unFinished, E-Honor and ID Gaming. SK played their first match against LadieS from Brazil who ended 5-8 last year and 2nd in 2005 and 2004. After 30 rounds was played, SK had won all of them! 15-0, 15-0 and an amazing victory by SK. POV demos can be found in the files section!
fisker and I also watched the WoW exhibition match between Nihilum and Millenium, which was really cool to watch, but wasn't too exciting as Millenium totally destroyed them 5-0. An interview with Kungen from Nihilim and more details on the match can be found under Scene News.
Just got to know that Insomnia beat SoJu in WC3, which is truly AMAZING! ownitsch just uploaded some very exclusive replays from the match which you can find under the files section.
Now I'm off to go check out the amazing matches in the male CS tournament, ID just beat wNv which is a huge upset. It will also be very interesting to follow the mibr/MYM/H2k/GG/XcN group. NiP just played draw against Turmoil from USA, big upset aswell. Can't wait to watch eSTRO vs NiP which begins at 18:00 CET.
We had a chat last night with fisker, HeatoN and XeqtR and they all agreed on solo from eSTRO being the craziest CS player they'd ever seen. He apparently owned everyone at WEG a few seasons ago, and according to them he got 25+ frags every half, against every team every pracc/pcw/scrim at the event. So it will be very interesting to see how they do!
Over and out, I'll be back around 20 CET probably with some more details about what's going on over here.

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