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By Christer 'fisker' Eriksson
Apr 10, 2006 09:35

Yo, just wanted to make a little update whatsoever on what's going on down here.
We have pretty much been doing nothing for the last week, just going around with no practise room or anything. It's really booring down here at the moment and all the SK.swe players really wants to go back home.
The computers for the practise room are beeing shipped in from Korea today from what i've heard, hoping they will be up and running from wednesday giving us 2 days practise against WNV. I'm afraid that match will be the last hope for us to get our motivation back on track, we really need to win it!
When the practise room gets up n running we'll be able to upload some pictures and answer some questions in the forums! so please be patient and cheer us up a bit, we really need our fans right now!
over n out!
Forgot to tell everyone that me and ahl live together down here, we have a little cockroach on our bathroom which we've named La cucaracha. He's pretty busy right now and so but when all things clear out, he'll answer all your questions.

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