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eStars Fiasco

By Cameron 'fams' Carson
Jun 4, 2008 07:27

I can only put a portion of the full opinion piece here. However I will provide a link to the full version. I am only an informant for b-sheep. I am not him/her, so please do not make that mistake : )

"Every once in a while a new event comes along. The event looks rather promising and players and fans alike become jubilated at the thought of being able to participate in the event. When an event comes along, with a rather large prize pot and a rather large political backing from a country, its hard to not to have the highest expectations one can get when an event of this magnitude is announced.

However, since one particular events inception; e-Stars, it has been dropping the ball...repeatedly. It all started with a sloppy press release, the sloppiest this writer has ever seen. Seeing as how I find it my own personally given task to correct wrongs I see in e-sports, I corrected the press release (all 27 mistakes) and sent it back to them with a polite note attached questioning them on how the press release was released in this form. It has been 57 days since then, and still I have yet to receive a reply back. "

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