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Why LoL destroys eSports?

By Antti 'drinn' Paasivaara
Feb 19, 2013 20:42

I haven't been that active since 2009 I left SK Gaming as a news writer, but I've been following eSports sometimes and trying to keep up with the flow. Recently I noticed Electronic Sports League (ESL)'s tweet about "World's most popular gaming Celebrity!" vote.
It seems out that some player nicknamed snoopeh is leading the vote overwhelmingly and some Ocelote being the runner-up. Who the fuck they are? They are both League of Legends (LoL) players.

The actual game was introduced in 2009. Not many long time ago. Four years ago. The ESL asked about world's most popular gaming celebrity. The "world's" is pretty large term in my opinion and it does not represent the fact about the most popular gaming celebrity in long-term. But what if it was meant to be present, then it would be some LoL player(s) of course.

Do not get me wrong, I am really happy of eSports getting popular. Finally. But the game selections are really wrong. They do not really represent eSports. How that sports was actually born.

League of Legends getting all that popularity makes me to applaud, but at the same time to being afraid of the game and the eSports's situation.

After reading the .DOC about the "World's most popular gaming Celebrity!" vote, I was shocked seeing Fatal1ty getting so less votes. Only six comparing to snoopeh's 281, or Ocelote's 111.

Or "Real_HeatoN" also known as (aka) HeatoN getting only 6 too. Of course that is only "Real_HeatoN", but still. Who is Real_HeatoN? He is called SK|HeatoN, or simply HeatoN.

Slayers_BOXER received 9 votes and stermy 4.

Grubby and Get_Right 2. Even Get_Right got only two votes. He has been pretty popular on the modern age of Counter-Strike (CS).

There was no word about Sander "Vo0" Kaasjager, who was a runner-up for CPL World Tour Grand Finals in 2005. He did pretty good career in eSports winning over $250,000 in professional tournaments.

No-one did give him a single vote. That makes me to rage little. Why did people forget him?

The fact that Fatal1ty won Vo0 at that Grand Final and was voted six times at that vote and Vo0 did not hit a single vote. Or the famous Russian Quake player Anton "Cooller" Singov and Italian Alessandro "stermy" Avallone, who got 4 votes.

That would be me getting out of the context of the vote's idea. It is about the "world's" most popular gaming celebrity and not the recent. Talking in long-term.

I am afraid of the current players not remembering the history about eSports. Riot Games did not invent eSports.

Obviously this blog is based on the statistics about ESL's recent vote, but at the same time ESL represents the eSports in generally speaking. They are really huge in the world of eSports of what is left of it today. They are bringing eSports to what they are. They have the power.

Nevertheless, LoL is the most popular eSports game of all time. Its getting popular all the time and that is only good for the sports. But still I wish eSports to have some kind of balance to the games.

At the moment eSports has CS:GO, SC2, LoL and Dota2. Three same kind of games and only one FPS. ShootMania Storm is also getting up. The game itself is mixed up with Quake and CS and only has rail as the weapon, so the player uses aim and brains to receive a good player status.

Those three other games look similar to others. Before we had CS 1.6, Quake, SC and WC3. Today we have 3 WC kind of games and 1 FPS. That makes me worried about eSports and why League of Legend's popularity will destroy eSports.


Anyone can still vote until June 19th by just tweeting ESL the player they support! On Twitter

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