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Switch to CS:GO

By Tom 'beather' Matt
Aug 11, 2012 11:00

Global Offensive? real e-sport or something like Call Of Duty ?
Hi everyone ! ,

today in this blog i'd like to write aboat things what's happend in this time... Everyone knows aboat CS:GO and everyone solving question "Switch to 'GO' or not?"...

Most of classical counter strike version 1.6 gamers told "GO is bullshit i'll never play it ! i still playing 1.6 4ver =) WHYNOT? but when you have a think aboat this problem, e-sport cups and leagues and something else is aboat MONEY !

CS cups and leagues is usually sponsored by Computer Company like graphic or CPU's producer. This producers want to show strong of their components and to do this they want game with hard hardware requirement but cs is game with minimal hardware requirement... Every computer made in 2005 run it in 100 FPS...

I decide to play CS:GO because it's something new and maybe it got future ! Look at new NIP team (f0rest, GeT_RiGhT , friberg , Fifflaren , Xizt ).... i think they believe this game and try to expand it to other players.. CS:GO maybe will be future but the time show us if it good game or total fail from VALVE usable only to consoles and play on public servers.

But in 14. August open beta starts and I look forward to this game and i surely try it, but when it'll be shit the old and best game call COUNTER-STRIKE 1.6 is always here.

Thank you for read and apologize mistakes. :)
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