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SKv4 - A first glimpse

By Andreas 'bds' Thorstensson
May 30, 2007 17:36

Nothing to fancy, but the registration page is finished.
No revealing graphics (just yet).

New SK site beta program

By Andreas 'bds' Thorstensson
May 25, 2007 10:25

Hey again!
Thanks for the feedback on the last blog. Was great!
Would people be interested in beta testing the new site? My plan is to give away a few accounts so people can try out the new functions and come up with ideas, find bugs and so on.
Would that be of interest?

New web site?

By Andreas 'bds' Thorstensson
May 15, 2007 15:47

Lets play with the idea that we would create a new site for you users, what would you want to be changed/added? Please be informative and detailed!
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