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Skiing and forums

By Andreas 'bds' Thorstensson
Jan 17, 2006 17:37

I got a call from a couple of my friends on Friday, they were in Åre, Sweden and asked if I wanted to come up over the weekend and have some fun. It is a 650 kilometers by car. I decided to leave on Saturday by plane and arrived in the afternoon. A cab from Östersund and I was there an hour later.
It started off with after ski on Diplomat, with a classic cover band, after about an hour and some drinks later we headed back to prepare dinner. Risotto, entrecote and zinfandel at another friends place (I dont think you read this Magnus, but thanks, I forgot to say that).
Later we went on to Bygget for some warm vodka shots and even more cover music. It was a great night overall that ended at Toffe's place.
The day after I joined my friends by car back to Stockholm, took about 6.5 hours. When we stopped for Pizza at Åsarna, we saw a Swedish icon, the Olympic cross country skiing winner Thomas Wassberg (who has put his name on the capriciosa with shrimps at the local restaurant).
When I first started my community sites I did not really think about spam. I mean the whole intention of it was to get gamers closer together, and why would anyone want to ruin that? With each new version of the SK web site I have had to increase the protection.
Lately is has gone over hand (as many have noticed). It is quite sad to see people creating phony teams and members just to destroy for the others who enjoy the communication on the site. But this is what we are facing now.
I have just started to implent methods to prevent this. Will add stricter forum rules in the upcoming days and a better system to get rid of the spammers.
So if you like the forums but can't stand the current situation, hang in there, it will get better for sure!

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