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Arbalet europe!

By Jimmy 'allen' Allén
May 14, 2010 09:33


good morning everyone!

Today Arbalet europe starts, im heading to inferno online in a couple of mins, love the tournaments at inferno online:)

Our first match starts in 2 and a half hour and it will be played against Wemade fox, will be a tuff match like every other match i think.

We are well prepared and hoping to do really well here, we usualy do really well at the events whos held at inferno online.
Think we have won every single one so far, this time it will be harder though, if you check the team list every team whos here is a great. Any opponent you get it will be a tuff match.

Should take my ass to inferno online now, dont wanna be late.

Writing an update later tonight what my thoughts is about todays matches we played...

SRY no time for a picture in this blog, mabye later tonight!
CHeer for us, byebye

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