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Flight to korea

By Jimmy 'allen' Allén
May 4, 2009 03:07


Quite a funny thing happend when we flew to korea, we asked the lady that we checked in to that we wanted seats next to eachother, and she maid is possible..! Wasnt untill we stepped onboard the plane we noticed that she had been giving us business class tickets, haha! atleast 4 of em.
We all got a ride in business class except Marcus(zet) who had to ride very far back in the plane like 34,D. When the rest of us where infront of the plane using our beds sleeping the whole trip ;)

So me robban tentpole and walle were happy about the flight to korea, to bad it wasnt a 24hours flight, we wouldnt mind!:)

cheer for us over here peaaaaaaaace

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