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By Jimmy 'allen' Allén
Mar 31, 2009 16:29

Hey blogg time....!

KOTH: king of the hill, me walle tentpole threat and face played koth yesterday against SpawN vilden striker fisker and zyppe. Map was train and we managed to beat em, wasnt really that close match, we had walle who played really good so thats why i would say:) So im one of thoose kings of the hill right now!

After that koth match we played with team sweden against ukraine in a best of 3 match, we lost first map(nuke) and managed to win inferno and d2 after, both thoose maps was really clooose to, they played really good. But team sweden is still in the match! Semi final next i think.

Other then that we re just praccing everyday as i said we would, not much new to tell. Its going good for us and we got an event next weekend, kode5 qualifier gothenburg. Will be fun, looking forward to it.

Dont really have muuch intresting things to tell u guys today, just sitting here in Väsby and playing cs cs cs cs and cs so thats all i got to talk about, and thats what i tried to to now.

Next blog will be more intresting, take care PZ (hi robert.D)

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