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ich haben brucken

By Jimmy 'allen' Allén
Aug 27, 2010 01:22

Hey everyone! Long time ago since i wrote a blog, figured it was time.

So whats new, we started pracc this week again!

After last tournament in finland that we won, i got back to sweden so i could go back to finland the same day, to my girlfriends summerplace that's in finland!
We had a great time just relaxing and it feelt really good to get away from the computer for a while, was needed.

So i had a break from cs then and when i got home RobbaN went to Ayia napa to drink some pina coladas for a week, so we ve actually had almost 2 weeks break untill now.

So we re getting back to shape and preparing for the next tournament whos in beginning of september, SEC.

Its a good tournament and we really wanna win it, been a while since our last victory..

So we will be training really hard next week whos the last before the event, and we need the practise because theres some AK sprays that we will not speak about during practise;-D

Anyways im not a blog-master so im out of words, if we win SEC ill write a happy one afterwards, untill then byebye!


By Jimmy 'allen' Allén
Jun 17, 2010 18:55

just like walle told you guys earlier this week playing lotto is lots of fun. he told me about while we were praccing on teamspeak and seeing how much money is out there i HAD TO PLAY too. dont want walle to go home with the jackpot (which is about $81 million) without taking a chance myself:) im promise you guys though, in case i win, i'm not going to quit gaming, even if i can't even calculate how many tournaments we would have to win to make that much money. and the good thing, noone will ever complain about being lucky after I won - because it's all about being lucky. my money is on the euromillion, keep your fingers crossed, maybe i'll be jimmy rich soon!

Arbalet europe!

By Jimmy 'allen' Allén
May 14, 2010 09:33

good morning everyone!

Today Arbalet europe starts, im heading to inferno online in a couple of mins, love the tournaments at inferno online:)

Our first match starts in 2 and a half hour and it will be played against Wemade fox, will be a tuff match like every other match i think.

We are well prepared and hoping to do really well here, we usualy do really well at the events whos held at inferno online.
Think we have won every single one so far, this time it will be harder though, if you check the team list every team whos here is a great. Any opponent you get it will be a tuff match.

Should take my ass to inferno online now, dont wanna be late.

Writing an update later tonight what my thoughts is about todays matches we played...

SRY no time for a picture in this blog, mabye later tonight!
CHeer for us, byebye

Bootcamp cologne

By Jimmy 'allen' Allén
Mar 1, 2010 13:45


Sitting at our office in cologne right now, been bootcamping for the last couple of days. Bootcamp is going just fine, improving some maps n sides and playing more counterstrike inviduelly then we would have done from home, so thats great to!

Last day of practise today and we will do the most of it, fix thoose last tiny things whos went wrong during week of practise, after that we re ready for Globals finals!

Leaving tomorrow for hannover, taking the train here from cologne, think its around 2 and a half hour to get there.

No matches tomorrow, so we got a day of nothing. Mabye we ll go to cebit and watch the other groupstage for abit, or just chill at the hotel.

anyways just a quick update whats happening right now, i hope and think we ll do well at cebit!

Been eating subway during the whole bootcamp btw thats why i choose that picture hehe!

cheer for us in cebit and cya there whoever will be going there! pz


By Jimmy 'allen' Allén
Feb 12, 2010 23:25

Heey, long time since last blog..!

Just wanna update you guys whats going on in the team right now.
We just replaced khrystal with Gux, who played for fnatic last year.

Nothing personal to khrystal he was a great player and a really good guy to hang out with outside counterstrike, but we feelt that we wanted/needed gux.
We havent performed well lately and it feelt like we needed something to bost our motivation and a new player would do so we thought. And Gux is a great player who always performes well, looking forward to playing with him!

Got globals finals pretty soon, so we re gonna pracc hardcore online and just before the event we will have a bootcamp at our cool office in cologne, gonna have loads of fun and also the opportunity to improve our game.
So before Global finals we will be good prepared and hoping to take that event home, would feel so good winning that, all good teams will be there and good money if we manage to win it!

Anyways thats all for this year from me! heheh.

cheer for us in germany and bye bye!


By Jimmy 'allen' Allén
May 10, 2009 21:13


Im sitting in the lobby at the hotel with tentpole and RobbaN, just chillin.
We re all tired from this 2 events, in korea the time was +8 hours different from sweden, and here in russian its +2 so we re kinda jetlagged yes, so thats why we re sitting here tired, and ofcourse after the matches 2day....

We finished second at both events as u prolly know...
So booring finishing second and so so booring loosing against our swedish enemies fnatic both finals..!
But overall i guess second in both events is okay, its fine..
From every match/map u lose, u learn new things, things that needs to be improved/added.
So lets hope for next time we wont damnit be second again. next eveent is Dreamhack Jönköping i guess. All good teams will prolly be there..

Anyways we re sitting in the lobby with our laptops while the other teams is drinking and soon going out clubbing, i have a booring sickness and the doctor forces me to dont drink for atleast next 4-8 weeeks...... We ll see how that goes. Robban is sick to so hes staying in and Tentpole is just tired.
Zet and walle i actually dont know where they are, zet is prolly with the EG guys, sure they have some catching up to do. And my prediction is that walle is somewhere at the drinking tables here in the lobby having some beers:>

Anyway thats all for me 2day, hope we played some fun/exciting for u fans:)!
We ll fly home tomorrow and there is chillin in the schedule, so tired right now!

Gutten natch, peaaaaaaaaaace!

Flight to korea

By Jimmy 'allen' Allén
May 4, 2009 03:07


Quite a funny thing happend when we flew to korea, we asked the lady that we checked in to that we wanted seats next to eachother, and she maid is possible..! Wasnt untill we stepped onboard the plane we noticed that she had been giving us business class tickets, haha! atleast 4 of em.
We all got a ride in business class except Marcus(zet) who had to ride very far back in the plane like 34,D. When the rest of us where infront of the plane using our beds sleeping the whole trip ;)

So me robban tentpole and walle were happy about the flight to korea, to bad it wasnt a 24hours flight, we wouldnt mind!:)

cheer for us over here peaaaaaaaace

hi my name jimmy

By Jimmy 'allen' Allén
Apr 30, 2009 11:50

Yoyoo been a while since last blog!

Thought there was time for one so here it comes!

Tomorrow we re leaving for korea, i leave my home 07.47 in the morning, taking the train to stockholm, from there we fly to finland to switch flight, and then we go straight to south korea!:D gonna be awesome going to korea, since it my first time! Other guys has been there before so im the only one who hasnt! Looking forward to it :)

Been praccing with the team really much ofcourse as usual before a big tournament, honestly think we ll do good in korea. Dont know if i always say that im my blogs or not, but this time im confident!:;) We ll see how it goes, will be awesome matches atleast, i think eveery good team from the world perhaps will be there, so buy some pringles, coke/beer and dont leave your room this weekend! Even though its nice weather;-) Not everyday there is a tournament like this.!


We ll go home one day between Korea and Russia, i ll stay in stockholm with tentpole and walle! Not worth going home to my hometown for one day;-! And then its kode5 russia who also will be a great tournament for you hltv lovers!:)

Other then that not much new to tell, will be more to tell after the tournaments so i ll write another blog then:>

well yeah, im updating my cfg today aswell so go ahead and download my latest!

hear ya after the tournaments!:)

the blog

By Jimmy 'allen' Allén
Apr 8, 2009 14:40

the blog
heeeey, blog time......... ;-o

Whats new.... im finaly back home in my hometown degerfors, after 7 weeks in upplands väsby im back homee, and its feel pretty good, relaxing back home at the computer, being served food and drinks at my computer ;-)

Not much time for relaxing though, starting to pracc 17.00 everyday untill dreamhack Gothenburg!
Starting around there and playing untill atleast 00.00 everyday, thats enough i would say. To win dreamhack!:)

We ll see, the event is in 2 days. And im starting to feel sick again, that sucks. Lets hope i wont to be sick to shoot some headshoots over there! Should be fine i think.

Today i've booked a 4maps pracc at 17.00 and then a 2maps pracc at 20.00, and afterwards that pracc me walle and tentpole will play for Team SwedeN, we play against poland in cbnation playoffs, think it is semi finals today, cheer for team sweden ty!! :)

So thats all, dont miss to watch our match with sweden tonight! And Ofcourse not follow our matches from dreamhack this weekend, will be great matches!

Thats all for today, will prolly write another blog after dreamhack and whine about what went wrong or brag about our victory!;-)



By Jimmy 'allen' Allén
Mar 31, 2009 16:29

Hey blogg time....!

KOTH: king of the hill, me walle tentpole threat and face played koth yesterday against SpawN vilden striker fisker and zyppe. Map was train and we managed to beat em, wasnt really that close match, we had walle who played really good so thats why i would say:) So im one of thoose kings of the hill right now!

After that koth match we played with team sweden against ukraine in a best of 3 match, we lost first map(nuke) and managed to win inferno and d2 after, both thoose maps was really clooose to, they played really good. But team sweden is still in the match! Semi final next i think.

Other then that we re just praccing everyday as i said we would, not much new to tell. Its going good for us and we got an event next weekend, kode5 qualifier gothenburg. Will be fun, looking forward to it.

Dont really have muuch intresting things to tell u guys today, just sitting here in Väsby and playing cs cs cs cs and cs so thats all i got to talk about, and thats what i tried to to now.

Next blog will be more intresting, take care PZ (hi robert.D)
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