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ESWC 2010 Disneyland and AFTERPARTY!

By alice 'ali' lew
Jul 15, 2010 19:01

Who wants to battle JSO 1v1 downing beers? HONESTLY?!
I had such a great time at the afterparty that I am a little bit torn between what was better: winning ESWC for the 4th time or being live at the afterparty with Bob Sinclair with great company and entertainment?

The tournament itself was great. I guess I may say different if we ended up not winning, actually... I shouldn't guess. I KNOW my team probably would have broken up if we didn't win this tournament. Somehow winning ESWC has jumpstarted everyone's passion for counterstrike and we seem more into the game than ever. A month before the event, I strived to attempt to be at the top of my game again (I feel like I'm so far from it still), averaging 40 hours a week of CS, but it could just be that I'm out of my prime and I'll never be at that level again. But it also reminds me of my teammates who have helped pick my slack when it was most needed to still come out with the victory. There is just something about this team that is so unique and I guarentee that if you have ever hung out with us, you would agree (RIGHT COL???)

I always seem to get sidetracked so let's get back to the afterparty....

So the grand finals for the ladies was set for 10:30am and it was sometime around 2pm when we finished with the matches, pictures, interviews, and all. We decided to go back to the hotel to chill for a bit before the male finals which was due to take place at 6pm. We were extremely exhausted since we hardly slept during the tournament (way too anxious I guess) so we all took naps and chilled out. We got back to the venue to watch the SK boys play around 7pm. They won pretty convincingly on the first map whcih was Train but ended up falling short losing both maps afterwards. It was still a nice 2nd place prize, but you can only be dissapointed making it to the finals and losing. Nonetheless, it was a very impressive showing by the SK boys and we were proud of them anyway!

After the final, all the SK members and staff decided to go to the party together. Some of the SK boys decided they wanted to chill out and not attend and it was understandable. We went to Disneyland and were told there were about 5 rides we could ride for free. I beileve they had closed off a part of the park just for ESWC employees and players. That was really cool. I'd like to let everyone know that I am a complete pansy when it comes to riding any type of ride unless it's the most kiddy ride ever so me getting on Hollywood Hotel: Tower of Terror was a big accomplishment. We also went on this Aerosmith rollercoaster that was really fun! You only live once right???

It's about 10pm or so and the party was due to get started. More people are starting to show up and there is already a random DJ playing some music. I was happy to hear some Deadmau5 and David Guetta... Benita and I had missed one of the biggest music festivals while being away from LA during the time we were in TX, so we were glad to hear that the DJ was playing some jams. Bob Sinclair was due to come on at midnight so we stopped by the bar to get some drinks. I went to the bar first to purchase 10 beers for the first round, making sure all the girls were double fisting. I haven't had a drink this entire bootcamp or ESWC and it was so needed and much deserved!!! Believe me, the HEINEKENS WERE AMAZING!!! ^_^

For some reason, JAX challenged Jso to a beer race and told her that if she won, he would buy her an additional beer. He has obviously not heard of Jso and her beer races so I was happy enough to catch this on video!!! The whole ordeal is the only video I've uploaded so far from the event so check my profile out if you want to see Jso destroy JAX from COL!!!!

Alex marketed Jso and got her next battle vs GUX, which she destroyed as well, and 12 races later, she was 12-1 for the night. WHO DID YOU LOSE TO JSO???

At midnight, Bob Sinclair came on and Benita and I danced our way to the front, right at the center. I hardly saw the other girls for the rest of the night as I spent the next two hours dancing with Benita. BOB SINCLAIR was awesome!!! He blew us kisses like twice and kept smiling at us. I think he knew we were champions... what do you guys think? :)

Overall, ESWC was fun as usual and I am sad that I will have to wait another year until it's back again. Although the venue and crowd was smaller than previous years, I am glad that it is attempting to make a comeback and know that it will only strive if they pay out the prizes by the end of the month as they promised. :]

Steph, Benita, and I have uploaded some vids and pictures for your enjoyment. At the end of the tournament, Steph realized she had 60 videos and 1000 pictures to sort through, so give us some time.


3 PEAT CHAMPIONS.... making history baby!! ^^

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