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Group stage! The tourney begins!!!

By alice 'ali' lew
May 26, 2010 01:31

And the games begin!!!

Fri, May 1, 10AM --> Upon arriving, we ask an admin where we were sitting and start setting up. I have never had an easier time at a lan center setting up my comp and settings on the computer. This place had EVERYTHING covered... from drivers for every mouse, to mouse fix, and if you had any doubts, every admin would be super knowledgable and know what they were doing. It was super impressive to know that we would be taken care of at every point during this tournament. I was instantly impressed at the professionalism of this tournament and how it was put together and I was super proud I could be apart of it.

Fri, May 1, 10:30AM --> Our first match of group stage was versus Unfinished from Sweden. We have played them in the past at ESWC in a bo3 and they proved to be a strong team at the time, but we heard there have been alot of roster swaps in the European female team so I had no clue who would be on the roster. As usual, I lost the coin toss and they ended up being to pick the final map which was inferno. At the time, I figured inferno to be one of our stronger maps. We practiced it the most online and felt we were pretty solid on both T and CT. We figured Unfinished and Mouz would be the harder teams in the group so we were not really sure what to expect. Benita ends up going off the first map to really put the team in a good place. We were super proud of her, being that it was her first international tournament and knowing that she had been waiting for this moment for like 3 years, I was glad that she finally got the chance to showcase her skill to the world. We won versus Unfinished pretty convincingly and went on to play the rest of the group stage matches throughout the day. I figured SK ladies and Mouz would be tied in the group stage and I was right. The last match was between us two for the fight for 1st in the group and a guarenteed spot in the semi-finals.

Fri, May 1, 5pm --> I am fucking tired. The fact of not sleeping the night before is really getting to me. I have already drank 5 cups of coffee, a couple red bulls, and have not eaten anything since the fruit from the morning. My eyes are heavy and my body is dead, but the most important match of the day is NOW. We have been hearing from other teams that Mouz was a pretty solid team. They had won the qualifier 2 weeks ago (when Arbalet was supposed to happen, but didn't due to the volcano) and that they won pretty convincingly versus the other teams.

*Flashback* --> I have been friends with Pachella for quite some time and was glad to see her at the tournament. During the time that her and Venema played, we always hung out during tournaments and had smoke sessions. :) Russians have a weird way of smoking (with a plastic bottle... damn I wish I remembered what it was called) and it was always amusing to me... but greens always bring people together so regardless, I was glad to be able to give her a huge hug and kiss.

The tournament is running a little late and the 2nd group have already arrived to play their matches. They must wait until our matches are finished so alot of them are sitting around and just watching. Our team and Mouz end up playing the final match on the stage with the big screen. Of course, we play Inferno (for the 3rd time today) and we knew it was going to be a good match. Steph had a couple good rounds, holding the B bombsite, and I believe we won a save round as well. We had ALOT of good rounds in this match, which consisted of numerous retakes of bombsites while we were down numbers. I just remember busting a lot of random headshots this match. I wish the demo wasn't messed up on HLTV!! We won 16-10 and got to go back to the hotel to rest. THANK GOD.

Fri, May 1, 9pm --> I was delirious at this point. We hadn't eaten all day and we haven't slept. We went back to the hotel, ate dinner at a restaurant in the hotel (my dish was super nasty), had a couple HEINEKENS, and went to bed, excited to play the semi-finals and finals after this long ass day.

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