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By alice 'ali' lew
Jan 29, 2009 03:10

So from 2000-2002, I spent most of my time lounging, playing, and working at Cyberhunt, "my" internet cafe. At this time, internet cafes were blossoming literally on every corner, with kids packed inside them and a wait list that went on for days. Lan centers took advantage of this growing trend and $1,000 tournaments were becoming a weekly occurence.

My group of friends and I would go to a couple different lan centers depending on our current location. As we became regulars at other lan centers, we became recognized by other lan teams in the area. This is where we got most of our match experience from. Other lan teams would schedule scrims versus us in person and we became more acquianted with other top tier lan teams around the area. This is how I was introduced to Jennay and Mishl, the founders of GX3.

During this time, mIRC was barely getting popular, so many teams got their practice by calling other lan centers to see if their lan team wanted to scrim. Because of this process, many "gamers" in Socal became better acquianted and actually became good friends, as I was with a team named PODED.

Cyberhunt and PODED were competitive rivals, but were friends nonetheless. Through PODED, I was introduced to Jennifer and Mishl, who were competitive female gamers like myself. This was the first time I ever met a female gamer that was on the same page as me. Who would have thought we would build a dynasty that is still holding strong today?!

Randomly, the first time we met was at a bowling alley. It was the first time I ever met any of the PODED people. We had just finished scrimming CS and wanted to compete at something else, so we met up at the local bowling alley and duked it out..... GG right??? LOL

Jennay and Mishl sat me down and talked to me about the uniting of female gamers around America. They had been intriguied hearing about my competitive nature from their PODED friends and insisting we make some type of team. On top of it all, they insisted I be the leader of it. I was not only flattered, but excited to have found females with the same vision.

In Feburary 2002, Girls Got Game (GX3) was created. I believe it was Mikey (Method) So that convinced the girls on the name. This was when mIRC was just getting popular for me and I would meet Jennay and Mishl online regularly to play together.

The beginning of GX3 was a definite learning experience. We allowed basically any female gamer to join GX3 and HONESTLY, actively looking, we were only able to get 6 girls total! This proved to us the scarcity of competitive female gamers. We were merely looking for fun/semi-competitive females with passion. This happened almost 7 years ago so is it bad that I can't remember who joined the team first??? -_- ugh...

I know I'm starting to ramble now so I'll tell you guys about my first successful sponsor and ESWC 2004 next time. Pretty sure I have some pictures from that event also..

picture: GX3 REUNION IN LOS ANGELES, CA (2004)
L2R: leila (DBABY), jennifer (JENNAY), mishl (MICHELLE), carol (SNUGGLY), mary (LITTOGURL), alice (ME!), ash (ASHLEY)

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