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ali -- my CS HISTORY

By alice 'ali' lew
Jan 18, 2009 12:04

Tales from my CS beginning to present day. I'll try to capture as many stories as possible through my blogs!

I was going through my folders today and I found a lot of old CS and tourney pictures from like 2004 to now. I figured you guys might have a good time looking at old pictures and hearing some old stories so here I go. :)

I started playing when I was a freshman in high school at 15 years old. While living in a town 10 minutes from downtown Los Angeles, the Counterstrike scene really boomed with lan centers opening up on virtually every corner. A definite hotspot for teenages during the time, Counterstrike was a hit from the start in southern California. Lan centers were filled from open to close with ridiculous waiting lines. The year 2000 proved to be a big year for upcoming southern Californian stars.

I started playing counterstrike first at a lan center called Game Structure. Right away, intimidation rushed through my body, and the fact that this video game was male-dominated went through my mind immediately. I was constantly fustrated because I had a hard time picking the game up. It pissed me off that I couldn't remember how to buy different guns. The first gun I was taught to buy was the para, and it was my favorite gun for the first couple of weeks, until I realized it was the most expensive and took way too long to reload.

I was instantly addicted and everyone knew. I began to call my friends to go play instead of them begging me. I would make the decision to ditch school and to go to the lan center instead. Though now that I think back and realize how poor of a decision that was, I can't say that I regret it at all. All those hours of pubbing and bunny-hopping on de_dust was just too much fun!!!

Because of my obvious dedication to GS (Game Structure), they recruited me on their lan team and let me play for free. In a way, this was the first sponsor I ever got. This opportunity gave me the chance to really improve my skills and through hard work and patience, I really started to shine. Being a regular, I started getting recognized as a solid player in the server.

My group of friends (all male) and I literally ran lan centers. We would be the best in the server and eventually acquired 3 different lan sponsors at the same time. These lan centers recognized the boom of gamers and started hosting tournaments. Representing their name, we would go to these tournaments and compete for the $1000 cash prize.

At this time, mIRC was barely getting popular. I remember customers at the lan center would ask me to go on IRC for them and help them find a scrim. The majority of gamers at this time weren't even playing scrims. The jam packed lan center would spend their time pubbing in a server on dust or italy (my fav). I don't understand how I was able to pub for 12 hours a day nonstop. Spicy cup of noodles was my best friend back then.

I learned alot during this time in my gaming career. Being "sponsored" by these lan centers, I helped them run the store in exchange for free lan time and a guarenteed computer. Dedication and loyalty was key. Lan centers were literally popping up on every corner. The community was growing right before my eyes, but I never thought it would grow to the phenomenom it is today.

2 years later, in 2002, I would meet 2 other female gamers that would change my life. WIth the same vision for female gamers worldwide, we would build a dynasty then named Girls Got Game, now named SK Ladies. Though representing a different name, I can honestly say I will never forget where I came from. From GS, to GX3, to MTV, to SK, this gaming journey has been nothing short of incredible.

I know sometimes I ramble... but want me to tell you about it? :)

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