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A dummy's guide to ignoring CGS

By Michael 'Zechs' Radford
Mar 4, 2008 04:46

I've been one of CGS's biggest critics and I'm still no great fan. But all this ranting and raving from either side is getting a bit boring now, isn't it? I suggest a different solution.

Our mutual friend, evan, released an article today - you might have noticed. As i said in the preamble I am unequivocally against the CGS and one would assume that would mean I am fully behind evan and SK for publishing such an article. If anyone read the comments I posted there they would still draw a similar conclusion. However, time rolls on, opinions change, etc etc ad nauseum.

The thing is, all this CGS-bashing is getting a bit boring, isn't it? I'm not saying p0s, Redeye or, least of all, ODEE convinced me that CGS is a good thing - they haven't, though Redeye and p0s make a far better job of trying. It's just that its all so stale now; there's nothing new, really. Worse, says the cynic in me, is that there is no such thing as bad publicity. Good or bad, CGS just saw their name and logo on the front page of this site again, as did thousands of other people. Articles like evan's, and i include my own here, have no detrimental effect other than to stir up anti-CGS feeling which doesn't really need to be stirred.

What they don't do is convince people who watch CGS to stop watching it. Does my debating with p0s stand any chance of convincing him of the evils of capitalist America, therefore tendering his resignation from the CGS? Will Redeye stop commentating on their matches because evan or myself post an article about them? Will ODEE be fired for having the debating skills of a London cabbie?

So here is what i suggest, and yes, I am fully aware of the irony of writing a blog like this* to suggest it: If you don't like CGS, ignore it. It won't go away because of it. I'm not calling for a boycott, because CGS doesn't need us. For every 1.6 fanboy that doesn't watch there is a PGR, DoA, FIFA or Source fanboy that will. Instead, just forget about it. Don't watch it, don't read about it, don't post about it. Save yourselves the hassle and forget it ever existed. CGS doesn't need you, you don't need CGS.

ESWC isn't going to go away because of it, their target audiences are entirely different. WCG won't die, NGL keeps going strong, and the Asian RTS leagues probably see CGS as small-fry. So please, I implore everyone to just ignore it. You won't see any more articles** from this writer about the CGS and I hope evan and the rest of the SK staff will follow suit.

*At least it's a blog and not a front page article!
**No promises about snide comments, however.
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