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Lazy Columnist Begs for Help

By Michael 'Zechs' Radford
Oct 28, 2008 15:16

No Zechs Files this week, folks, i'm dying of cold.

Since my brain is bunged up with cold and I've been laying in bed most of the day, I decided against writing my column this week. Rather than give you some half-assed speel about... whatever, I thought I wouldd take this problem and turn it into an opportunity.

Columns, by definition, are personal, opinionated and sometimes contreversial. However, that doesn't mean that a columnist should ignore his audience altogether. So, although blogs don't get that many hits, I thought I would try and ask you guys what you would like to see more of in The Zechs Files. If you want a chance to flame away, go for it. If you have some sensible suggestions, even better.

Now I'll crawl back in to bed with a book and a mug of lemsip and hope Paco De Lucia can send me back to sleep. Adiós!

PS. Back next week, assuming I survive.

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