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esports, here we are again

By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
May 3, 2009 09:53

Ladies and gentlemen, once again it is showtime. The next two weeks will have amazing competition. After EM at CeBIT we all had to wait for those two weeks packed of good matches. Actually it already started...

With the recent G7 ranking update, we are facing the following in Korea. In WarCraft III we are looking at the top 5 from the ranking, enriched by position 7, 8 and 9. In other words only Infi (6) and HoT (10) are missing here. Or 355 points are being distributed here which means 142 points for the winner of Cheonan. We did not see that many events with a similar amount of points in 2008. In fact only the second edition of Nicegame featuread more. We have been waiting for this tournament a long time and groupstage is already played. Both Grubby and Sky are out already. Moon, Lyn, Happy and Who dominated their groups. I am quite sure Moon will keep his #1 spot in the ranking, but what happens behind remains unpredictable.

For CS we are looking at pretty much the same szenario despite the fact we have two high-scale tournaments within two weeks now. The top 4 of the ranking are at both events. While Korea is a great tournament, Moscow will feature even more points in the ranking and the next two weeks will determine which team(s) will play the leading roles in 2009. So far mTw and fnatic are clearly to be mentioned, but the likes of SK, Alternate, Mousesports and Mibr are desperately looking at the top of the table themselves.

I personally am more than happy the last 6 weeks are gone and we are ready to celebrate the best of esport once again...


By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
Apr 7, 2009 19:15

Several websites picked up SoJus MSN status recently and with more and more requests addressed at the management, I want to give a couple of answers in this blog. Please do understand that this is all official information you will get for us to work on the problems mentioned instead of discussing details with the community.

First of all, SK Gaming is far from a chrisis or crucial problems. We have a different approach than MYM had and we have been in business for more than 11 years now. Within this timeframe every player got every cent he was entitled to from SK Gaming, which was quite some money as you can imagine.

As a company, SK Gaming is planning with the budgets we actually earn with our partners and so far every budget for every single player was covered 100%. The same applies for SoJu, to mention the case we are discussing.

There was no year so far were each partner lived up to his commitments regarding payments and their timing, giving SK a hard time, though we always managed to avoid problems at that end of larger scale. Right now, more than 10% of the 2008 budget is still missing and you won't be surprised to learn that exactly this money is the problem that caused SoJu as an example to state what he did in his MSN status.

It is his right to go public with such a statement for sure and we are the first to go along with him, but looking at the big picture, we have to deal with the ones owing us money as well and simply pissing them off is not the smartest solution. So you will understand our position is more or less the lawyer of our active and former players, making sure the players get their money as fast as possible.

eSports has grown a lot since it's very start for sure. Professional football players in Seria A in Italy are missing money from their clubs more often than players in eSport do from their teams. I am not trying to make a lame comparison, or a lame excuse here, all I am saying is that problems occur even in our so professional football in Europe and that's why you should not be surprised to learn that eSport has rough times as well.

We are working hard on solutions for the problem at hand, but also for the future to avoid situations like that for both, us as a team and the players.

On a sidenote I want to mention that SK will have a larger sponsor-lineup in 2009 than it had in 2008. With the AMD and CM contracts running out, some people thought it was time to declare SK on the downhill path already, which is wrong, but this is to be revealed within the next couple of weeks.

I am not going to read most of the comments in here and would rather not answer to requests, as my focus is on fixing the problem with the ones involved.

Hope all of you have the info you need right now, which leaves me with wishing you all a happy easter next weekend and lots and lots of exciting eSport within the next couple of weeks ahead of us!


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