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Carlos and spiders

By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
Jan 3, 2013 14:30

It is quite important that you understand what was happening in Cologne on the night of 19th August 2012, the last day of Gamescom. It is a real story!
Yes, my friends, our very own Oce does not like spiders. He really does not. Here and there I might exaggerate a little, but the key message of the story is simply put the truth.

Gamescom 2012 was in the books, our LoL team was qualified for both, season 2 finals in LA and season 3 Chapionship Series starting in 2013. Reason enough for me to invite the guys to my house for a BBQ.

So we are sitting outside, having food and all while the lights go darker and darker. To separate our house from our neighbors, we have a simple white wall. Oce was sitting with his back to this wall.

All of a sudden Alvar says "you have a BUFFALO at your wall" in his Spanish accent. So all eyes turn to the wall and there it is: a spider. A gigantic, brownish, fat, red glowing eyed super spider. Yes, it was quite huge. I guess some 8cm or so overall.

Now Oce, sitting almost 5m from that creature of darkness all of a sudden became quiet before his high pitched voice says something like "watch out, it will jump, it will jump". Keep in mind, that in Spain, people sometimes pronounce the j different from what we are used to. It sounds more like a "u" instead of a "j". This of course made the whole thing even funnier than it already was.

Now here is what happened: I went inside, grabbed the Sundays Newspaper, which is quite a read and kill this evil beast before it can harm anyone at my table. Remember, my house, my guests, I am somehow responsible, right?
And once that was done, I asked Oce what would happen if this spider sat on his chair before he sat on it and in fact he would have placed himself on it, without noticing it. Well, guess what, his answer was "it dies". Good I thought, now let's try and get him to the side of fearless people, so I went on, asking him what would have happened if this spider with some magical power, never seen before on this planet except for Peter Jackson movies maybe, would actually jump (with a "u" instead of the "j") 5 meters and land on Oces ass.

Well, it was actually Alvar who answered first with a simple "it dies".

It was one of the funniest moments of Gamescom 2012 for sure and one I will remember!

And why am I telling you this? To make sure you understand that Oce does not like spiders!!!

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