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By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
Jan 25, 2012 12:45

With all that was happening at IEM Kiev only little attention was drawn towards the announcements MLG send out last week. My strong believe is that what they are doing right now is amazing.

It might have taken the industry way too long to get to this point, but the system the guys over at MLG revealed for their 2012 tournament grid seems to get us back in balance. Hopefully once and for all!

Now I have only one additional point on my wish list: Make it happen for LoL, too. Whatever it takes for Riot to support the guys from NYC, do it. Hear me now, believe me later I say!

The eSports calendar seems to unfold for us right now with the announcement of MLG. And the good news for you guys out there: you will see way more MC craziness than you did in 2011 and that was awesome to say the least.

My first MLG event ever will be their very first Arena event 24th to 26th February and I will enjoy it. I am actually quite sure of that!

So KUDOS to the guys across the ocean for stepping up and bringing this new concept to us all.

May the games begin!
(Can't wait!!!)

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