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IEF 2009 WC3 Tournment

By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
Oct 31, 2009 04:41

I will make it quick and easy for all of us...
a) Lyn starts vs Soccer, TR, close position - gg
b) Who plays Th000 in his first match who just won his first match, Who loses and is out after maybe 15 minutes of playing a tournament
c) Moon plays Fly in a 12 minutes match maybe, Fly wins, plays his next match directly after, wins fast, Moon is out
d) TeD plays two Japanese guys in his group only

What can I say?
- a tournament with such a number of good players needs to have a seeding
- groups need to be 4 players each
- it should be played in a bo3, no bo1

Don't get me wrong, no whining! Same chances for all players here for sure, but as a fan of the game, the tournament itself was decided after 25 minutes of combined net playing. Starting at 10:30 local time, all groups decided at 11:30...

Sad but true.

All hopes on CS now.

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