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Where has all the roughness gone?

By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
Feb 19, 2009 06:42

On the latest release of U2's new album 'No line on the Horizon'
You expected it, I know, so here we are again, blogging on music. This time it is U2's new album. Though not released in Europe yet (but in Japan ;)), two songs were released already. 'Get on your Boots' and 'No line on the Horizon' (as the B-Side version on the Get on your Boots single).
While the first song does not impress that much, though it is good, the B-Side version of the title song of the album totally kicked me. And now, after listening to the whole album I must say, this B-Side is the very best. The original version of it, number 1 on the album is maybe at 75% of the potential of the song. And guess what, it sounds like U2 back in the 80es.

Other than that I have to admit U2 has lost quite a bit. I call it roughness, but you may feel free to call it Rock or whatever. This is a Pop album for sure. So the band has kind of arrived at a stage where it gets harder for me to see them as one of my absolute favourites with the new material. Though they will always have this status for the early releases!

The old stuff is the best for sure. I can only recommend to check the 'Best of 1980-1990' album to anyone and by that sneak into the older records if you have not already. 'Achtung Baby' was maybe the most complete and best album to me, as I love every song on it. What comes after always had a couple of killer songs, but the whole combination wasn't that strong no more.

With 'No line on the Horizon' my expectations to this great Rock band begin to fade. Bono is not that powerfull anymore, but hey, these guys had Top10 singles for 10 decades now and they might be able to set this record up to 5 in a year from now and that alone says it all.

Even though the latest album might not be what I was really looking for, but as long as they don't go the same fucking direction Chris Cornell did, we are all good :)

So my evaluation is: We have agood new U2 album at hand. Not the strongest material of these guys, but it is U2 afetr all and I enjoy it. So I would say a 7,5-8 with 10 being the very very best.

Yes, the record is already preordered, so no worries. This album will have it's place of honour at my record player and I will listen to it intensively to find more and more of the good stuff in it. Right now I am at round number 2 listening to it, which is already better than number 1.

Let's see what 2009 produces music wise. This one is a good one, but we can expect more...

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