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NGL1 Finals - The Outcome

By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
Apr 1, 2007 19:13

The tournaments are over, the winners of both, WCIII and CS 1.6 are celebrating already and it is time for a little catch up on what has happened today.
Basically these finals once again proved how interesting the double elimination system is and what impact it has on a tournament. So let's start with the first matchup of the final day in CS.
Fnatic coming from the lower bracket had to face 69N 28E on inferno as the first map. It didn't take long to see what direction this match would go like. dsn was the MVP in my eyes, as he took so many important frags, but the overall performance of Fnatic was just what you need to win a match like this. At almost no point in time I got the impression 69N would be in a position to fighttheir way back into this one. Winning it, Fnatic tied up with 69N and the decision was about to be fought out on train.
After a very even first half, 69N was up 8-7 and switched over to the T side. Finally you could see how they found their gameplay by winning the first pistol of the whole final (meaning they lost the three before!). From that point on they played and played and played. You could see it in their eyes already and they put so much presure on Fnatic that even the skill of dsn, carn and forrest wasn't enough to turn the match.
So after three long days, the Finnish team of 69N 28E takes home the title of NGL1 and I must say they really earned it. I would have loved to play them with our team, but as we all know, that wasn't meant to be ;)
Bringing us to WCIII and the prove that my skills in prediction aren't that good. Before I thought MYM would make a very short first clanwar and take the first place home, but WE proved me wrong. With some very strong matchups, WE forced MYM into a second match and it could not have been closer, when Remind finally beat Moon to make the second match end 4-3 after the 4-2 in the first match in favour of WE. They do take the 10.000 € home to Korea and we only can say congratz to those guys.
Those of you who haven't used the stream to watch the matches, make sure you get the demos and replays, it is a must see, some really good eSports action.
That bringing me to the end of my blogs from Berlin. I will upload the last pictures now, followed by 1-2 interviews.
Was fun, hope you had a good read, Cheers!
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