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NGL1 Finals - Consolation Finals

By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
Mar 31, 2007 22:08

At the end of the day we have two matches left, both of the consolation finals for WCIII and CS 1.6. With 4Kings facing WE my prediction was right in the end for WCIII. For CS my hope for our team facing NoA once again did not come true, instead we had Fnatic playing NoA on train.
In WCIII the match started with Grubby losing the opener to SoJu and WE taking the lead. Creo tied the match by taking out SoJu. The odds went back and forth until Tod came into play and double scored for his team for a 3-2 lead for 4Kings. It was Lyn he had to face and after a very long and exciting match where the Korean managed to build and hold his expansion, the decision was at hand when Lyn was able to take out the level 6 AM of Tod. The remaining player from 4K, Zeus was no problem for the orc player on the roster of WE and so WE made their way to the overall final tomorrow, facing MYM once again. I doubt they will have a chance to force MYM into a second match and so my guessing is a clear victory for MYM. We will see. At least it will be Koreans all over the place.
Todays last match was between Fnatic and NoA. Following yesterdays matches you would have thought NoA would make their way into the final match, but Fnatic today was very different from what we saw yesterday and to me personally dsn and forrest were the guarantee for their convincing victory. After getting 7 rounds as T in the first half, they lost the pistol and the second round, being down 7-10 overall. The key was an eco for Fnatic which they surprisingly won and by that laid basics for the outcome of the match. This way they are getting the chance for revench on 69N 28E which forced them into the lower bracket on Friday.
Tomorrows schedule says we will see CS 1.6 in the morning and following at 12:30 we will see the WCIII overall final. Make sure you check out the octoshape streaming service we implemented for this event to see those two exciting matches.

NGL1 Finals - 2nd day SK out

By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
Mar 31, 2007 17:32

So here we are, reviewing the second day at the NGL1 Finals in Berlin right befor the consolation finals in both, WCIII and CS will be played.
First, at 11 am we had 69N playing NoA on Inferno. First half, NoA managed to play some real good rounds starting with the third after losing the pistol and second. 69N got back in the game after that. Still I think the first half was better for NoA. Second half, 69N got even more under pressure, but then all of a sudden it seemed like they decided to just win the match. Still it was pretty close and good to follow. Congratz from this side to the team for their performance here so far.
After that WCIII was at stake and 4Kings had to face Fnatic. My prediction from yesterdays blog was a more or less easy win for 4K. The 4-2 was ok, but still they lost both, Tod and Grubby on the way and Creo vs. Elakeduck was a pretty close one with Duck blaming no one but himself for not taking it home in my eyes.
At 4pm it was time for the lower bracket final, SK vs Fnatic on Dust2. We started as T and won the pistol. The 2-0 lead was all we could take. After losing the third round we just could not stop Fnatic from holding us down all the time. Their positioning was way stronger than our efforts of attacking properly. The result, a clear 2-13 was more than disappointing.
The start of the second half began with a lot of lag on our side and had to be replayed. We won the pistol and started a series, though we kept on having lag here and there, but the effect wasn't critical at all. After we took the 5th round the problem with lag escalated with our players dropping of the server. The situation at that point: 7-13 in favour of Fnatic with SK having money, weapons and the momentum. Fnatic didn't have money at that point in time. A restart had to take place and surprisingly both teams started with 5k start money. Euipped in their 6th round, Fnatic managed to win this one and the match went down the drain for us. The result, a clear 7-16 and our team finishing 4th in Berlin.
Now you have to understand that I won't blame losing to Fnatic on anything, but I will say that we felt pretty much betrayed for not having the chance to get a better result. The situation after round 5 in 2nd half was in our favour and I think we could have won a couple of more rounds and who knows what could have happened. This way we totally lost the momentum we created in the 5 rounds before. I won't blame anyone for this situation, as we took the decision to start with 5k startmoney. We lost and that stands.
The guys are tryig to make the best of it and will see some movies here, do some sight seeing. I personally will follow the last matches of the day and will try to catch some emotions here and there.

NGL1 Finals - Why lose to NoA?

By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
Mar 30, 2007 23:36

It is Friday, the first day of the NGL1 final event in Berlin is over with two tournaments in the center of the eSports coverage worldwide, CS 1.6 and WCIII.
Let's take a look at the happenings arounf WCIII at first. MYM seems to impress everyone here. Their lineup seems to be the one you'd have to beat if you want to get the title. So far they played two matches. The first vs. Fnatic wasnt really a challenge in my eyes with the best player on the Fnatic roster not showing up in Berlin. Susiria did the rest and took the straight 4-0 home for his team. Pretty good you could say and in a tournament even better, as you don't have the chance of analyzing all players and their tactics with only one playing so far.
The other match, 4Kings vs. WE with much more interesting matches taking place. The 4K players are always a hard opponent, but this time WE has the upper hand with Reign battling down Tod and Grubby and Lyn getting the last needed win over Creo. Remarkable was Reigns match over Grubby, when he surrounded the Blademaster three times in a row. This was just too much and I think this was the key match for WE.
Following was the upper brackets final between WE and MYM. We know the result, 4-0 for Moon...ahhh, MYM. Though it was not that clear in my eyes. It was Reign again with a good match on Turtle Rock, when he took down Moons expansion, attacked, found the right moment to build his own expansion, but lost it all when he thought he could at that moment take a deciding fight with Moon where it just wasn't necessary. He had control and could have kept it and by that beaten Moon. Instead it was gg. To me the key in this Clanwar.
What leaves us with the upcoming lower bracket final, 4Kings vs Fnatic. Anything but a clear victory of the players around Tod would be a big surprise to me, but hey, we will see. The winner will face WE again and if I predict right, this will be 4Kings. Well, tomorrow we will see a different 4Kings. I am sure of that and this one might be closer than the match today. In the end I believe no matter what, they will fight for the 2nd spot in the tournament, as MYM seems too strong and we will see, maybe only 2 MYM players will have to be active at these finals. Who knows...
CS - and the question, why did Fnatic lose to 69N 28E? Simple answer, 69N was just better overall in my eyes. To me Nuke is a map where this can happen. On the other hand I don't share other peoples opinion on Fnatic still being as strong as they have been in previous tournaments, especially in 2006. It seems harder for them to just find the needed stability in their game. They will have their chance tomorrow. 69N on the other hand marches to the upper bracket final.
Coming to the second CS match we saw that night. Our team playing NoA. History: We beat them at SEC without showing weakness. We lost to them in NGL1 regular season and that one was not the best CS we could play. Today on Nuke we played CT first, won the pistol, but had to give away the 3rd round. Overall we lost too many unnecessary rounds as CT and the 8-7 for us was 2 rounds to low. A 10-5 would have been ok. Anyway, as T we lost the pistol, but could win the third and fourth round. But the fifth round was a pretty deciding one. We lost it and also the next one. I guess the combination of the not too good result from the first half and those two rounds was our ticket to the lower bracket. What I have learned at ESL Masters and SEC two weeks ago is that most of the time, when a match can go either way, it is those key rounds that decide. Overall NoA played better than we did due to several reasons. We will have to try and fight our way back ito the tournament now by facing Fnatic.
In my eyes it could not be better. Though it is dust_2 again, like it was at ESL Masters, but if we play our match tomorrow the way we are capable of playing CS, it will need a very strong dsn like in Hannover to knock us out.
I won't make any predictions on this one, as anything can happen here but of course I hope for the best and would like to see more than only two matches of our guys here in Berlin.
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