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At the end of the year...

By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
Oct 5, 2006 09:56

It is October now and we are facing a lot of qualifications and major tournaments till the end of the year. This weekend WSVG will have another stop in London and we will have our CS guys from Sweden, Toxic for Quake4, though he is already qualified for the finals, and Insomnia for WarCraft III to follow Deadman and Sweet. I will go there myself together with Django from Mouse and for sure we will see a nice tournament. I have to admit taht I am not feeling too confident for CS, as it is TFTs again and looking back at 2005, when the CPL world tour stop was played in the UK on TFT also, I have my doubts our guys can dominate in London this time, but hey, that's how it is, if you want to fo to the final event, you need to take this one I guess.
One week from now, DigitalLife in N.Y. is taking place with some tournaments as well organized by GGL. I will go there with Merusame to assist Toxic as he will try to win abroad. Too sad I won't be able to meet any of our Ladies, as they are spread all over the US and Canada, but none in N.Y.
Anyway, will be good to be there and talk to our partner and other players. Hopefully Carmac is there, always good fun with him around trying to do an interview. Hey, Carmac, I was thinking about getting you one of those tape recorder thingies back from when I was a kid, you know, they have these huge keys so you don't miss actually recording an intervie...well, anyway ;)
And the big apple is being followed by Monza where WCG is taking place this season. Too sad our CS team lost to NiP and won't be there. They will play some other stuff as there are lots of CPL qualifications in October/November.
Well, this is taking most of my time at the moment and meanwhile we are preparing SK for the years 2007/2008, so I could not say I have some time atm to review 2006 and let you know if the year was successfull for SK or not. One thing is for sure, when I am looking at all tournaments we entered and the titles we took, it feels really good this time. The last major one was deadman at Kode5 finals the other week. The way he played both, Grubby and Tod was just amazing. Looking forward to meet him in Monza and see his results at WCG. Of course the FIFA twins are a highlight, too. The way they played both, WWCL and WCG qualification was just hillarious.
Enough from my side, lots of nice stuff coming up besides what I told you above, so keep an eye on our website :)
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