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GC and the outcome

By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
Aug 31, 2006 18:12

So here we are yet another Blog to be written and to let you know upfront, I will invest on the Blogs more and more and will try to keep it up on a regular base, maybe making it a little feature where you can read my point of view when it comes down to certain eSports happenings and issues.
Games Convention in Germany is just over now and we are facing some good times I would say. Not only SK that is, but eSports and the teams in total. The move to get adidas involved with SK is a clear sign in my eyes. Lifestyle is picking up on eSports and comparable brands will get involved. This is really good news in my eyes, cause it is just another step for the whole community towards an overall acceptance anywhere. I mean in Sweden it is different for sure. Being an eSports star is something known in the public and it is taken for a real job you can make a living of. Down here in Germany people always need to be reminded to close their mouth after I told them about it...
Well, as said before, we are on track and it will help a lot I guess.
So how was Games Convention from our perspective? Let's get to the answer by looking at three different topics. Success-, partner- and fanwise.
In terms of success:
- Toxic won Kode5 Quake4 Final Event (well done!!!)
- SK.SWE took the first Extreme Masters Slot for Sweden (beating Fnatic and NiP was really strong and Allen has proven to be a top notch player!)
- SK.WC3.INT finished 2nd at NGL 1 Finals (beating 4Kings was very important to me and all of the players had very strong performances!)
- SK.Miou winning his iFNG, same as SK.FIFA (expected, but still great!!)
- XLord taking the win at the StarComa WC3 tourney (your time will come!)
- winning the eSports Award for best international eSports magazine (third time in a row!!!)
So I would say yes, it was really a great exhibition!
Partners: Well, I have had nearly 20 very interesting meetings with partners we already have and partners we might work with in the future and the overall feedback is positive. We have lots of possibilities for the future and the upcoming years 2007 and 2008 will be great!
So I would say yes, it was a great exhibition!
Fans: We had a lot of fans at our little booth that took their chance to meet and greet the SK players, chat with them, play them, just having some fun. The feedback we got from the fans was great and we decided to keep on with the concept of having an SK presence at exhibitions like GC in the future. At this point I have to mention Katzenmann, Globe and Merusame without whom all of that would not have been possible. Thx guys, was a great time with you in Leipzig!!
So I would say yes, it was a great exhibition!
Games Convention was a success for SK. I was not sure in the beginning and slightly nervous the day before, but now, after some cups of coffee back in Cologne, i am pretty sure everything went almost perfect.
The best news to me was the CS lineup. These guys beat Fnatic in first place and NiP afterwards, though they lost both pistols to them. Allen made the first and very deciding frags in an offline Tournament and we are proud having him on board. Though he dances like shit after some drinks (Allen, don't take it personal ;)).
I can imagine that a little sneak here and there behind the curtain gives you a better feeling of what SK is all about and specially what the different characters within the team are all about. i decided after GC that I wanted to share this on a regular base and this Blog is the beginning for it.
What's next? Well, I am going on a longer vacation and will barely be online, but still, eSports is moving on and the next weeks are exciting from each perspective. Having the GSL and WWCL finals this weekend and end of the months we will meet in China for the Kode5 final event, followed by WSVG in London in October.
It feels like I have chosen the right time for my vacation :)
Cheers and bye!
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