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Bye bye Sydney

By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
Mar 8, 2006 07:48

At the moment I am sitting in Frankfurt, waiting for my connection flight back to Cologne. Meaning the trip to Sydney is over now :)
We spent the last couple of days being ready to get interviewed by Australian gaming magazines and as there was nothing more to do, we did that at Manly Beach. Unfortunately there were no more interviews, so we had to stay on the beach ;)
Of course we tried to check out the nightlife in Sydney all nights and went to some places there. It was quite fun for all of us, I guess, even though I will never again have the gather upfront in my hotel room, Fisker knows why ;)).
As Ahl, Gosey and Spawn were booked on a different flight already, making them stop in Thailand on their way home for a week, bds and Fisker decided at Sydney airport to do the same, so the whole flight confusion began once again. Ahl, Gosey and Spawn flew to Bankog directly and everything seemed fine. Haven't heard from them so far, but I guess it will be allright. Bds and Fisker were on the same flight as Snajdan and myself, to Singapore. Unfortunately this one was delayed due to some service on the aircraft in Sydney, so all of us missed the connection flights. Andreas and Fisker somehow booked flights from Singapore to Bankog and I hope they were able to join the other three till now. For Snyajdan and me it was even better. Instead of flying Singapore-Paris-Stockholm/Cologne, we were booked on a flight to Frankfurt and we managed to get Snajdan to Gothenburg from here directly. I guess Mattias is already on the plane, so he will be home much earlier.
For me, I am sitting here at the airport, waiting to get my trafnsfer to Cologne in 30 mins from now.
All in all I can just say, we had a great time in Australia, though travelling was a bit stressfull. It was totally worth it and I guess it won't stay our last trip of that kind this year.
What did I personally learn from it?
- PSP is necessary to survive boring flights
- the guys from Sweden must know everything about WOW, I mean, they are discussing all day long ;)
- watch out, who is sitting next to you on the aircraft, it might be a funny flight
- When it's winter in Germany, it's summer in Australia ;)
Cheers from my side and greets to Australia!

Hey ho, let's go - Sydney

By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
Mar 4, 2006 16:23

So, here is the story...
On Friday morning, we left the hotel for FOX studios, where the ATI action was planned. After a quick introduction to everyone, the team went to the Minigolf Adventure park, where bds showed his real skills ;).
Ahl, Spawn and Gosey had just arrived that morning and therefore were a bit tired, but that was just ok. In first place, ATI addressed their distributors and press with some presentation on the latest generation of grafic boards. Later on, at about 12:30 we started setting up our computers to face our first opponent for the day. The location was filled, when the first rounds where played. The day before, we agreed on playing source, as it was promotion only and the local teams to play were more comfortable with it. Anyway, three handicaps (Gosey as a stand in for Vilden, Source and Spawn dropping for 5 rounds) made us loose the first match in overtime :) Good fun though and the guys from iChor were pretty excited about it.
I did not see the other two matches, but I guess we won number two and lost again in the third match. Anyway, we can say now, that we know how to play source and guess what, the players told me afterwards they would stick to 1.6...surprise, surprise :)
At about 6pm the show was over and we headed back to our hotel to get a shower. At 8pm we were scheduled for dinner with the ATI people, which was lots of fun.
I ahe to say thanx to Melody and Edward for making this trip possible and also to Viktoria for organizing the event itself. It was great being part of it!
The official part was barely over, as we hit the first clup, called "hugos" near Kings Cross. After a couple of drinks we made our way to the other side of the street. Well, it was some fun and it got late, but it was worth it :)
Saturday was a day just to relax at the beach I guess and to get some needed sleep back, lost in aircrafts on our way in. I went out for a run at about 6pm, which was pretty good. From the Hotel towards Hyde Park, passing it, down to the Opera, through another park and all the way back through the city. Right now it's all crazy here, due to Mard Gras or however it is called.
A little Italian Restaurant was the place for us to get some dinner tonight and after getting home, I managed to watch some of the WC3L action via Waaagh TV, almost live.
I also checked the iFNG results from Oberhausen.
Anyway, it's 2:40 am now, time to get some sleep I guess. Gosey will start uploading pix by tomorrow, I guess, so sty tuned.
Cheers and

Australia Update from Sydney

By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
Mar 2, 2006 06:34

The last time I saw a real bed was the night from Monday to Tuesday. On Tuesday, 14:15 my flight from Cologne to Paris was the start to our journey to Sydney, Australia.
Bds, Snajdan and Fisker joined me in Paris at about 22:00 that day and our flight to Singapore was scheduled for 23:15. Long time for me at the airport, but with my Centrino Notebook and the WiFi Network at the airport I was able to work there, so it was ok. Unfortunately the weather in Paris turned totally and at 22:00 it was snowing all over. Result: we entered the plane on time, but the aircraft did not leave untill 02:00. Great. Just sitting in a Boeing 777 and waiting for something to happen.
Not enough, the entertainment system of the aircraft did not work and so we were not able to watch any movies or anything at all. Great for a 12 hours flight. A combination of TV shows on my PSP, a meal, my book and some bad sleep was the result. In Singapore, I realized, I needed a visa for Australia, too, so I had to by this one directly at the airport....phew...lucky me ;)
The connection flight from Singapore to Sydney was perfect. Seven hours and a running entertainment system on our 747-400 Jumbo. Three movies, no sleep and some good food was the outcome (Lord of War, Capote and Walk the Line).
So finally, after a $A40 cap ride, we arrived at the hotel, about 8:30 in the morning and guess what, checking it at that time isn't the best idea. Well, the hotel manager understood the situation and worked it out for us, so a bit later we could check into our homes for the next five days.
So far we went to a smaller shopping mall, grapped some food and took our chance going to Bondi Beach, which was beautiful. I guess I got soem red colour, but we will see.
Now I am sitting back in the hotel room, it is 4:46 pm local time and all we are going to do is get some dinner and maybe see what's happening in Sydney, but I can promise, I will sleep early, fast and goooood.
At 10:00 am on Friday we will have to be at the location for two TV interviews and at 12:45 our guys will play their first matches. Hopefully everything goes well with Ahl, Spawn and Gosey, so they will join us directly :)
More to come...
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