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Foo Fighters - you made it

By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
Jan 20, 2006 09:26

It was back in 1989, when a band came out with their first real album after having released an ep before, that sounded promising.
Titles like "Patience" or the cover of "Whole lotta Rosie" sounded like a lot of fun to me.
Well, the guys I am talking about now called themselves Guns 'n Roses and the album to come out was "Appetite for Destruction". Izzy Stradlin was the brain behind the music. Getting Axl Rose to do the vocals and having Slash smashing his guitar was just the right move to get rock anthems into the world. Paradise City, Welcome to the Jungle, you name it, all songs I am still listening to and that is 16 years ago now.
The Album still is my all time Nr. 1, out of the question.
Now it is 2006 and it took a lot of time for me to say that yet there are some other bands producing really good music nowadays, too. When Chris Cornell decided to go with the former guys from Rage against the machine, to create Audioslave, I was tense to hear what the outcome would be and after two records now, I must say well done, great music!
Also we have to admit that Monster Magnet is rock stable. They become better and better and the legends, Metallica, saw them twice within 2004 and 2005, they really know how to play it.
But there is one man with his band that really kicks! Dave Grohl and his Foo Fighters.
Most of you will know him for being the drummer of Nirvana (or not? shame on you!), but this guy created one of my favourite bands ever and the latest album, "In your Honor" is a must have.
So the good news is, we don't have to sit and wait infront of MTV, to see the latest crap of some cheesy boy group or "hot" chick. No, we can just relax, rock is back (yeah, I know, always was, but I mean quality wise!) on track with a couple of high class bands and characters playing great music that is more than a five minutes thought of a producer who is looking for the right packaging.
I guess you know where I come from. Yes, I prefer guitar music over regular pop. Yes, I named myself "TheSlaSH" cause it was Soul Hudson who named himself this way. Yes, I think James Hetfield is one of the last man standing and guess what, you are more then welcome discussing it in the comments :)
For me? I will go to see Foo Fighters next week and while I`m there, I will think about what you guys have written here. Maybe I will tell Dave ;)

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