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SK back on track - obviously!

By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
Aug 23, 2005 09:45

It has been some time, since the old days, when SK dominated. 2003 that was, winning almost everything there was.
Like in any sport, the following year was rather successfull. Indeed it was a hard time for all of us within the whole organisation.
We took some titles, but the websites and the comments showed us we were losing ground.
Then December 2004, the break with the old SK.SWE team. A necessary step for all of us, even though it became public in a pretty stupid way, but that is part of the past now.
Almost 9 months have past since that and I guess the opinion of websites and the community once again has changed. SK is back or where it always was, I guess.
When the eSports awards were held last Saturday at Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, whole SK.SWE crew was sitting in the VIP lounge and guess what, when best eSports team of the year was announced I saw it flickering.
There it was, the fire in the eyes of players that are hungry for titles. It was Spawn, Fisker, Ahl, Vilden and Snajdan who showed nothing but "we will do everything to get this award next year!"
You could possibly say anything right now to summarize the last 20 months within SK, but realising a team shows exactly that spirit is what it takes.
We will see what comes next, competition in CS has grown a lot, but SK will always be one of the teams to beat. Just ask them, I am pretty sure they will pretty much agree on what I just said, so let the games begin once again. CPL UK, we are coming...

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