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bye bye, Mini!

By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
Dec 31, 2013 12:48

I remember two meetings when I think back and recall the time Mini and I spend in SK. The first is in a Cafe, central Berlin. NGL One finals and I want changes in our WC3 lineup. So I call reis for a meeting to see if we can land him and his players at SK.
We all know what followed. A very long journey with so many intense moments, Mini and I spent together. Last year being the most intense I would say with LCS kicking into full gear, the gaming house in Cologne, the different characters on our roster that just wouldn't click to become a team, the drama attached to all of that and still, it was not only a great time but also a time of being taught essentials in what we do.

The other meeting is at Hard Rock Cafe in Cologne right after IFA (Berlin) in September if I recall correctly. Mini and I discuss the future and what turns out to be the starting point of his career after SK Gaming. The core of our discussion was that he should make a decision, land on his own two feet, take his game to the next level and so it seems like he does now.

Well, from the bottom of my heart, Mini, all the best for your future. I know that our paths will cross a lot and I am thankful for that. I am happy to have spent all this time with you, teaching you, but also learning from you. You will do great with your own business, even though it's in Düsseldorf (you know how I say it out loud while typing, do you?). We will miss you in Kölle.

This also brings one thought right in front of my eyes again: SK Gaming produces a lot of great, if not the greatest talent in this industry. Just look at the people that once started their career with us and moved on. I am proud to say that we are good at picking up these people, shape them and then release them at some point or keep them (as we have awesome people in the organization right now!!).

To all of you reading this: Happy New Year and keep on believing.

Carlos and spiders

By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
Jan 3, 2013 14:30

It is quite important that you understand what was happening in Cologne on the night of 19th August 2012, the last day of Gamescom. It is a real story!
Yes, my friends, our very own Oce does not like spiders. He really does not. Here and there I might exaggerate a little, but the key message of the story is simply put the truth.

Gamescom 2012 was in the books, our LoL team was qualified for both, season 2 finals in LA and season 3 Chapionship Series starting in 2013. Reason enough for me to invite the guys to my house for a BBQ.

So we are sitting outside, having food and all while the lights go darker and darker. To separate our house from our neighbors, we have a simple white wall. Oce was sitting with his back to this wall.

All of a sudden Alvar says "you have a BUFFALO at your wall" in his Spanish accent. So all eyes turn to the wall and there it is: a spider. A gigantic, brownish, fat, red glowing eyed super spider. Yes, it was quite huge. I guess some 8cm or so overall.

Now Oce, sitting almost 5m from that creature of darkness all of a sudden became quiet before his high pitched voice says something like "watch out, it will jump, it will jump". Keep in mind, that in Spain, people sometimes pronounce the j different from what we are used to. It sounds more like a "u" instead of a "j". This of course made the whole thing even funnier than it already was.

Now here is what happened: I went inside, grabbed the Sundays Newspaper, which is quite a read and kill this evil beast before it can harm anyone at my table. Remember, my house, my guests, I am somehow responsible, right?
And once that was done, I asked Oce what would happen if this spider sat on his chair before he sat on it and in fact he would have placed himself on it, without noticing it. Well, guess what, his answer was "it dies". Good I thought, now let's try and get him to the side of fearless people, so I went on, asking him what would have happened if this spider with some magical power, never seen before on this planet except for Peter Jackson movies maybe, would actually jump (with a "u" instead of the "j") 5 meters and land on Oces ass.

Well, it was actually Alvar who answered first with a simple "it dies".

It was one of the funniest moments of Gamescom 2012 for sure and one I will remember!

And why am I telling you this? To make sure you understand that Oce does not like spiders!!!


By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
Jan 25, 2012 12:45

With all that was happening at IEM Kiev only little attention was drawn towards the announcements MLG send out last week. My strong believe is that what they are doing right now is amazing.
It might have taken the industry way too long to get to this point, but the system the guys over at MLG revealed for their 2012 tournament grid seems to get us back in balance. Hopefully once and for all!

Now I have only one additional point on my wish list: Make it happen for LoL, too. Whatever it takes for Riot to support the guys from NYC, do it. Hear me now, believe me later I say!

The eSports calendar seems to unfold for us right now with the announcement of MLG. And the good news for you guys out there: you will see way more MC craziness than you did in 2011 and that was awesome to say the least.

My first MLG event ever will be their very first Arena event 24th to 26th February and I will enjoy it. I am actually quite sure of that!

So KUDOS to the guys across the ocean for stepping up and bringing this new concept to us all.

May the games begin!
(Can't wait!!!)

Did you know...

By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
Feb 24, 2011 14:49

...that face once grew his hair long and was frontman of a semi popular rock band?

well, here you go, see for yourself. Anyway, the guy on top is Axl Rose for those of you wondering ;)

Let me know, what you think!

My selectah team for Kiev

By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
Jan 18, 2011 15:10

Here you go guys, with my budget of 3m I bought my dream team! SK, here we go !!! Check and create your own team to win a gaming-notebook!

Kiev - and here we go!

By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
Jan 18, 2011 09:39

In December we delivered in terms of roster. Now for the first time our team will have to take a stand and play a tournament. It is no soft start, we go live live live right away with the biggest opponents out there waiting for us. And if that isn't enough for you to start buying beer and popcorn to enjoy the event, go here and read:

CS 1.6 in 2011

By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
Dec 7, 2010 10:32

Again we can read a lot of speculation on websites such as or Truth is: none of that is true right now and we did not open any door to anyone. We do know changes are happening most likely within the Fnatic roster and in the SK roster, but some of the names and specifics mentioned are way too unlikely to be true. Anyhow, we will reveal our plans for 2011 shortly and no, it won't be the Na'Vi lineup, not will it be FX nor will GuX be joining SK. That I can tell you for sure already!
It will be interesting though to see if the rumours around reviving NiP with Abdi and Emil will come true and who of the new talent is ready to play with them. Then again, this is hear say as well ;)

Selectah at Dreamhack

By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
Nov 22, 2010 14:12

well, not much to say, but I just drafted my selectah team for the upcoming EPS Nordic Finals at Dreamhack this week.
It is GetRight, minet, Forest, ave and Carn who will get me the 900 EUR notebook :)

Now get this done, mTw and fnatic!

Check for yourself at

CS 1.6 in 2011

By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
Oct 21, 2010 17:39

Let's make this quick and short.
HLTV has posted an article that indicates SK is to sign Na'Vi to play under their ranks in 2011.

All I can say is that this will not happen.

And to avoid unnecessary comments, Robban's health condition right now is serious. Please respect that we will not comment on this topic any further than this information. We hope to have him back and healthy within our team soon.

Arbalet female

By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
May 10, 2010 09:51

So I decided to let everything sink for at least a week and then write about it. Arbalet Kiev female. One week has passed and it is time to talk about it.
First things first: it was an incredible trip. Arbalet surely understands 100% what eSport is all about. The way these guys pulled the whole event was just incredible. Given that it should have happened two weeks ago, but due to the vulcano this was not possible, they just postponed by two weeks and made everything work.

And it was really smooth, that's a given. For those of you that have not been there: Arbalet treated players better than any other organization I have been with so far. And that includes ESWC, CPL, WCG, Kode5 and ESL. So kudos to Lex and his team!
The trips, the hotel, transportation, the venue and last but not least the tournament itself, that was great!

You might consider female gaming a side show to the main events in eSport and I get that pov, I was there prior to 2006. We signed this American team and I met them at ESWC in Paris at the very same year for the first time. We lost in the semis, which was ok, but there was something around those girls.
A year later they made their way to the SK office in Cologne, bootcamped for a week before going to Paris again and literally destroying any opponent in their way to the first world title.
Well, we all know the way (if you don't, shame on you!). ESWC Masters and then the triumph in San Jose.
2009 was a year without any female only competition, so it was May 2010 when we would see who is on top of the game at the moment.

I have to give credit to four teams here. Alternate who played tough matches against both, Fnatic and SK, Mouz Ladies who gave us a great fight in groupstage (I will never forget Stephs inferno retake vs 3 I think) but above those two teams Fnatic.
Not only will the result of the grand final explain exactly what happened, but the way this drama went down was just spectacular and makes me want to see way more from it.

First map, overtime, Fnatic take it (dust2). Second map, we come back really strong and make sure to tie the match on train. So nuke had to decide. It was two crucial moments probably. One was potter waiting a bit too long to stop Cazzidy from defusing and the second was SK being down 8-14 already and by that having lost it probably already. But female CS would not be that great of a sport if it wasn't for what happened then. SK was able to take it to an overtime and won the final in the second set with the very last round. Yes, we made it, yet another worldcup in our hands. The third to be precise.

But Fnatic female: wow, what a great team you are! Lot's of respect your way and all I can hope for is yet another thriller at ESWC in 7 weeks, no matter the outcome.

Final words to those who deserve it the most.
Benita. She was introduced to the team two years ago already as one of the greatest talents in the US scene. Today I know why. I saw her play live in Kiev and it was simply put a great show!
Steph. Back in the team and how important she is! Mouz, Inferno, Retake, there is simply nothing else to add here! It is sooo great to have you back in SK!
Potter. Well, it is ChiChi, what can I say, whenever we needed that crucial frag or round she said screw that, I will just do it and you delivered. Impressive!
Jso. Comparisons are always hard and you might not get the point, but I have seen Ahl and Tentpole in action when they were best and I would say Jso is exactly that kind of player. She clams the match when needed with her support for others, but explodes in other moments and puts on an incredible show.
Alice. The captain. There was this moment at the winners ceremony, when Lex introduced the AWP player of the tournament and explained that this title would go to a player that was way more than just a kick ass AWP, but also this all time MVP probably and I just told Alice you are gonna get it. She did not believe in my words until she was presented this soo well deserver trophy!

We talked about this tournament afterwards and I explained eSport nowadays is all about those moments you will remember. Arbalet Kiev Female is one of them!

Not only cause I am looking at this awesome trophy everyday!!!

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