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By Oldrin 'ThePoison' Adzioski
May 13, 2009 21:02

Illuminati Secret Society

Illuminati . . . I First Time Heard About This Word When I Was Reading the book ANGELS and DEMONS by Dan Brown. ( You Should Read It If U Havent Yet , Very Good Book )...
Well The Word Illuminati means enlightened. It is a Secret Society Formed On 1 May, 1776! Also They Called Them Self "Perfectibilists". Lot Of People Think That They Still Exist, and they are famous people, like presidents,scienists,Premiers(Minister Priemier)..etc... There are much Symbols of them like the " All-Seeing Eye " you can see that symbol on the dollar bill(Also its called The Eye of Lucifer)! Below the symbol there are 3 words "Novus Ordo Seclorum" which can be translated as " The New World Order " and also means "One World Goverment ". I also heard that they can contol your mind with the TV,Radio,Internet and Etc.. ( Somthing like subliminal mssgs on tv to manipulate ur mind ) , Also i heard that the crisis is made by them..... If you see one dollar bill on the right there is an eagle , there are 13 arrows , 13 leaves and 13 berries. Also in the middle it writes
There are 12 letters + ONE (1) = 13... On the last line of the pyramid there are some letters MDCCLXXVI - 1776, like i wrote above when Illuminati was formed. but if we cut some letters and it will become like this DCLXVI = 666 , Thats The Number of the evil.

The End.( Sorry For English, it isnt perfect, im 14 years old )


By Oldrin 'ThePoison' Adzioski
Apr 15, 2009 12:31


Hi Every1, This is my first bloggy haha xD well, I have nothing to do =/ last saturday i made operation on my toe, and now i cant go school, so im sittin in the front of my com all day haha xD. Im playin cs and w3, but u kno its s00 borrin =/ no1 on msn, no1 on skype and bla bla. Im home alone and, datz it =/:p Im usin to gratz to SK on the KODE5 Sweden win, i watched all the matches live, i hope u win all next turnaments :) Peace All
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