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By Kristoffer 'Tentpole' Nordlund
Apr 23, 2009 17:44

Hey folks!

K so last weekend I was in a Swedish town called Lidköping for a small event called Lankonvent. The plan was to go win a few extra bucks win some friends and here's how it went down..

The original lineup contained walle and fyrrte but they couldn't make it so me, threat and face teamed up with hibb and florenz instead and called ourselves "moneyfarmers" ^^

Anyways, we used florenz' car to get there and he picked me and threat up at our homes, my girlfriend also tagged along. The trip was like 350 km from my house and we arrived in the afternoon.

Our first game was at 10pm and two more group games followed that one before it was time for some sleep. We won all three easily and right away packed our stuff together to go sleep at hibb's place. He lives like 50 km from Lidköping so we could all crash there.

Hibb decided it would be fun with a lil street race but considering hibb drives a Porsche Boxster S and florenz a BMW 320 there never really was a real race haha =D

AAAh well, after a few hours of sleep we went back to the event. We won all our games in the winner bracket which pretty fast took us to the grand final. We had to wait a friggin long time before the lower bracket was done and the final could start, really boring.

After losing the first map in the final with like 14-16 or something we got our shit together and won the 2nd map 16-3. Worth mentioning is all the smack talk being done by our opponents called "gameheaven". They screamed how much we suck over and over again and still ended up losing 3-16 so I wonder how much they must suck then.. =) Let's hope they're happy with everything they said cause they probably aren't happy with us getting almost all the money ^^

GG pretty fun event, props to Lankonvent.

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