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Latest MMA thoughts

By Kristoffer 'Tentpole' Nordlund
Feb 5, 2009 11:15

For the MMA interested..

Hey, what's up everybody!

I'm sitting in my couch waiting for the newly eaten breakfast to give me some energy so I can go get a decent workout in the gym in a while. Thought I might as well write down some thoughts on the latest things happening in the world of MMA.

First of all I wanna say congratulations to GSP for his amazing performance vs BJ Penn. Pretty much the perfect fight performed by Georges, one can't be anything other than impressed.

Did anyone hear about GSP's gameplan? They've been studying BJ to a great extent and came up with a really scientifically advanced way to beat him. Everyone knows BJ has great hands with awesome speed and his shoulders are built in the same way as a boxer's shoulders. That means they're small and GSP and his team took advantage of that in a really cool way...

A small shoulder can't hold as much blood as a large one, makes sense. GSP controlled the fight right from the start and turned the first rounds into a wrestling match pretty much with loads of clinch work. Some commentator said GSP looked like an amateur fighter in the way he got the clinch, just ran towards BJ without setting it up with the hands sometimes. That was the plan though, get the clinch at any cost and press him up the fence as much as possible.

Georges weighed in at 170 pounds, just like BJ weighed in at 168 pounds or something. So they were almost the same size one might think? Not true! GSP was 187 pounds during the fight and the 20 pounds difference made it so much easier implementing his gameplan correct. Or shall I say so much harder for BJ to stop it from happening? =)

Wrestling requires a lot of shoulder work so a while into the fight when GSP had out wrestled BJ a bit the small shoulders of BJ were all tired and filled with blood. That meant GSP no longer had to fear BJ's handspeed because all that blood makes it so much harder to punch fast and hard. GSP could now start picking BJ apart on every level...

I think the fire in BJ's eyes burned out pretty fast. GSP said he felt he broke his spirit already after the first round and believe that was the case. Georges dominated the rest of the fight which was stopped after the fourth round giving him a well deserved TKO!

So how does this performance rank in the eyes of GSP's competition? Well, I've only heard great things said about it except this one guy who says NOTHING about GSP impresses him. Pretty crazy statement one might think. The catch is that it comes out of the mouth from no other than Anderson Silva, a fighter considered pretty much unstoppable. No matter how good Silva is though, a bold statement like that IS crazy. It's not very Silva-like to trash tralk an amazing fighter like GSP. Is it just me or has Anderson really become much more arrogant than before?

I really hope GSP can keep dominating the welterweight division a while longer so the "super fight" vs Anderson Silva can happen somewhere down the road. GSP said he's interesting because of the challenge it gives him and if everything goes according to plan, we probably will see that fight. GSP will request a couple of extra months worth of training to put on some more muscle and weight before fighting Anderson Silva. Considering Silva walks around at about 210-220 pounds, that's a wise choice =)

Next up for GSP however is Thiago Alves, a dude that looks great in his fights and got just as big of a chance as anyone vs GSP. He's the real deal and will be another good test for Georges.

That's it for now. Keep enjoying the world of MMA, I know I will! =)

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