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Back to bootcamping 2

By Kristoffer 'Tentpole' Nordlund
Feb 22, 2009 16:24

Another LAN victory in the pocket

First of all, I suggest you read "Back to bootcamping", the first part of this blog, before reading this if you haven't already done so. Thank you.

Okay, I'm back in the office (bootcamp room) after some pasta carbonara and a quick nap. What's up with me taking naps after eating anyways? I thought that was for babies and old people only but I guess it's for me as well =D

Time to get back to telling you about LANBAUER!

I woke up at about 9 am Saturday morning after 4-5 hours of not so high quality sleep. The bed was perfect but getting good sleep next to loud gamers is not one of my strong sides. F00k it I thought and suggested we all went to the nearest gas station for some breakfast and coffee. I ended up with a large cafe latte and a sandwich in my hands!

I played CSDM for a while before the first game started. I can't remember what the others did, I was probably too tired to notice. After getting warmed up a bit we played our first game vs a not so good team and won easily. Actually we ran through pretty much all teams we met except two, druidz and gamecenter.

The druidz game was in the winner bracket semi final if I remember it correct and we won one map easily but lost quite a few rounds on the other map. Not a big deal though! =) The winner bracket final was vs gamecenter and we won yet another game without problems.

In the final however we played de_train and after a very dominating CT side we had problems getting the T rounds we needed and the game ended up in OT. We got our shit together in the overtime though, winning it with fast with a score of 4-0 to take home the whole event!

We got the prize money in hand 10 minutes after the last round was played, no delays and no bullshit. Just like it SHOULD to be. (Yes I'm tired of big events delaying the payments for a ridiculously long time) So in the end it definitely payed off going to LANBAUER winning about 500 euro each without breaking a sweat =D We managed to have quite a lot of fun during the LAN as well, not everything is about business!

We went home right after the final and hit some really heavy weather. The snow was everywhere and the visibility very poor. Dennis drove the whole way up to Gävle the day before so I drove the whole way home. No problems though, I took it slow, driving at around 70-90 km/h, and after dropping Björn off at his place we finally got home at about 5 am.

So back to bootcamping it is! No time to waste, team SK-Gaming Sweden will be gathered here tonight to resume the hardcore praccing before going to Germany the 2nd of March.

I'll get back to you with one more update before you can see us in action once again in one of the largest tournaments ever vs the absolute best of the best in the wooooorld! (wow that sounds sexy)

Peace out.

// KN

Back to bootcamping

By Kristoffer 'Tentpole' Nordlund
Feb 22, 2009 15:07

Another LAN victory in the pocket


I went to LANBAUER this weekend with a mix team sponsored by Inferno-Online. For those who haven't heard about this, the players except myself were walle, threat, face and FYRR73. We were supposed to go with GeT_RiGhT and f0rest instead of the Giants players at first but I guess fnatic had something other planned for them.

Anyhow, Friday started off with me taking the train into Stockholm city to meet up with Anton "Budak" at Inferno-Online. I've had some car problems lately so he was kind enough to let us borrow the company's Volvo V40 t4. Since they use the car everyday it was a pretty big sacrifice on their part. I wanna say big thanks to the guys, and especially Anton, at Inferno-Online for making this whole thing possible!

With a sense of relief that I finally had a way to get to Gävle, the city where LANBAUER is held, I went home to start packing. Actually, me and Therese had to drop of our cats Tiffany and Nota at her mom's house first so they were taken care of for the weekend. I guess either allen or zet could have taken care of them since they were at my place chillin during the weekend, but one should never trust lazy gamers.. =D

After packing computers, gaming gear and some clothes, we went back to Stockholm city once again to pick up Johan "face". He lives far down south in Sweden compared to us so he arrived at the central station by train at about 4 pm. We picked him up and started driving north towards Gävle right away!

Well..actually, we didn't.....Dennis was at the wheel and he started driving south on the freeway instead of north haha =DD
With the cops right behind (uuuuh, scaaary) we finally turned around and started going in the right direction =)

It's about 200 km to Gävle from Stockholm so it's not the furthest drive in the world but we stopped for some crappy junk food at McDonalds on the way so it took a lil while before we reach our destination.

We arrived at LANBAUER at about 7 pm and were right away recognized by typical Swedish fanboys who giggled a bit and obviously thought we are SOOOOO DAAAAMN COOOOL MAAAAAAN =DD Nah I don't know, I hope they didn't. That would be a bit scary. But seriously.....We are cool.

After carrying most of our things into our room, Dennis went to pick up Björn "threat" and Emil "FYRR73" at the local train station. Therese and I got all tables and chairs sorted and after a while the whole team of undoubtable nerds were gathered. After a few hand shakes (no hugs cause once again, we're too cool for that kinda girly behavior) everyone got their stuff set up and started playing CSDM and whatnot.

We were told the first match was set to start at 10 pm but there were some delays as usual. Not that bad though and in a few hours time we had won our group and were through to the playoffs. I went to bed first cause I hate playing tired. Oh right, I just have to tell you about the SUPER LAN BED I bought =D It's just HUGE, 207x163x48cm (larger than my bed) and has an electrical pump that pumps it up to full size in 4 minutes with the push of a button, friggin awesome duuuude =) Definitely worth its prize of 50 euro!

Oops, looks like Therese made some pasta carbonara, I'll tell you the rest a little while, don't want my food to get cold!



By Kristoffer 'Tentpole' Nordlund
Feb 17, 2009 19:58

let the gaming begin..

Hey everyone

I'm sitting at home chillin in between praccs. We're all bootcamping at my place and the others are away buying some pizzas and kebab =) I, on the other hand, am really lucky to have my girlfriend cooking some REAL food for me (L)

We're finally gathered here all five of us. The reason we haven't started earlier is because Robert has been at the hospital due to a nasty back injury =( Our initial plan was to start way earlier than this since we haven't been playing all that much lately. Ah well, there's nothing we can to about that now except as much hardcore praccing as possible! =D

Actually the first pracc was just 10 mins ago. It went alright but we sure got things to work on. We'll just play through the maps today as it's the first day, the tactical issues will be dealt with as we go along. We're usually looking to improve the rounds we already have and come up with some new fakes and pistol rounds.

I think one can expect to see many exciting games at cebit. It's been quite a long time since the last big event and all teams have certainly come up with new things. Also some new lineups will be put to the test, especially interesting is fnatic imo. Looking forward to a great event! =)

I'll keep you guys updated as we continue playing before cebit. I'm guessing you can except a few funny incidents from the bootcamp, when five guys are living together many different things can happen... =)

Actually I saw Robert and Jimmy coming out of the bathroom together, both looking really happy. I was standing right outside while they were in there and I can tell you I heard some really suspicious things.... (this is actually not true but please spread the rumor =DDD)

Take care people.

// KN

Latest MMA thoughts

By Kristoffer 'Tentpole' Nordlund
Feb 5, 2009 11:15

For the MMA interested..

Hey, what's up everybody!

I'm sitting in my couch waiting for the newly eaten breakfast to give me some energy so I can go get a decent workout in the gym in a while. Thought I might as well write down some thoughts on the latest things happening in the world of MMA.

First of all I wanna say congratulations to GSP for his amazing performance vs BJ Penn. Pretty much the perfect fight performed by Georges, one can't be anything other than impressed.

Did anyone hear about GSP's gameplan? They've been studying BJ to a great extent and came up with a really scientifically advanced way to beat him. Everyone knows BJ has great hands with awesome speed and his shoulders are built in the same way as a boxer's shoulders. That means they're small and GSP and his team took advantage of that in a really cool way...

A small shoulder can't hold as much blood as a large one, makes sense. GSP controlled the fight right from the start and turned the first rounds into a wrestling match pretty much with loads of clinch work. Some commentator said GSP looked like an amateur fighter in the way he got the clinch, just ran towards BJ without setting it up with the hands sometimes. That was the plan though, get the clinch at any cost and press him up the fence as much as possible.

Georges weighed in at 170 pounds, just like BJ weighed in at 168 pounds or something. So they were almost the same size one might think? Not true! GSP was 187 pounds during the fight and the 20 pounds difference made it so much easier implementing his gameplan correct. Or shall I say so much harder for BJ to stop it from happening? =)

Wrestling requires a lot of shoulder work so a while into the fight when GSP had out wrestled BJ a bit the small shoulders of BJ were all tired and filled with blood. That meant GSP no longer had to fear BJ's handspeed because all that blood makes it so much harder to punch fast and hard. GSP could now start picking BJ apart on every level...

I think the fire in BJ's eyes burned out pretty fast. GSP said he felt he broke his spirit already after the first round and believe that was the case. Georges dominated the rest of the fight which was stopped after the fourth round giving him a well deserved TKO!

So how does this performance rank in the eyes of GSP's competition? Well, I've only heard great things said about it except this one guy who says NOTHING about GSP impresses him. Pretty crazy statement one might think. The catch is that it comes out of the mouth from no other than Anderson Silva, a fighter considered pretty much unstoppable. No matter how good Silva is though, a bold statement like that IS crazy. It's not very Silva-like to trash tralk an amazing fighter like GSP. Is it just me or has Anderson really become much more arrogant than before?

I really hope GSP can keep dominating the welterweight division a while longer so the "super fight" vs Anderson Silva can happen somewhere down the road. GSP said he's interesting because of the challenge it gives him and if everything goes according to plan, we probably will see that fight. GSP will request a couple of extra months worth of training to put on some more muscle and weight before fighting Anderson Silva. Considering Silva walks around at about 210-220 pounds, that's a wise choice =)

Next up for GSP however is Thiago Alves, a dude that looks great in his fights and got just as big of a chance as anyone vs GSP. He's the real deal and will be another good test for Georges.

That's it for now. Keep enjoying the world of MMA, I know I will! =)
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