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By Kristoffer 'Tentpole' Nordlund
Jan 31, 2009 21:18

Hey everyone!

First of all, to the ones that seemed to care, I'm sorry I haven't uploaded the pics of my cats yet. I'm selling my car real soon which means I'll finally take the time to plug in my camera so I can upload those pics for ya =D

Speaking of cars, I've been around driving a couple of them here in the Stockholm area hoping to find something temporary to use for shopping, going to the gym and whatever. Although I think I might wanna rethink my strategy here...

The two cars I've tested are in what you might call a real low budget range. Very old Fords with very little going for them, and I gotta tell you, I'm already sick of trying old and ugly cars. I thought I could bare driving a really cheap box-with-wheels-car around for just a little while but I guess I just can't =D

And for all those Ford haters out there: the reason I've already owned two of them and continues to look for a new one is because I know a Ford dude that fixes everything up real nice and cheap for me in his work shop, definitely no regular rates there! The one I'm about to sell is about 1200 euro to fix though, even with his rates, and that's just not worth it =(

Changing over to something completely different...MMA!! GSP vs B.J f*cking Penn tonight WOoohOOoo! =D This match up is just of the hook and I'll be benched in front of the TV even though it'll be 4-6AM here in Sweden =) MMA is a big interest of mine and I try to watch as much as possible. It's just awesome they show it here in Sweden on a regular channel called TV4 Sport which pretty much everyone has!

Would be awesome to go see an event over in the U.K, they run them pretty often ever there now. Even greater would be an event in Scandinavia of course but I doubt we're there yet, it's just not as big as in the States for example. Just like CS isn't as big here as in China, just sucks =(

I guess a blog on a gaming site should contain some sort of gaming talky talk too so here you go dear nerds and nerdettes =))

The latest, and pretty much only, news right now is of course that we didn't qualify for EPS in Denmark. We lost a couple of games in an unnecessarily huge fashion and some we shouldn't have lost at all. I think it's hard to stay on top all the time, we didn't play a second over the holidays and started this year pretty slow. I guess we're more of a team that can get all our shit together good before big events instead of being good all the time.

The plan is to put in a huge bootcamp at inferno-online before the ESL Euro Finals in Germany in March and hopefully run a few teams over like we know we can. Our goal will of course be to first win the Euro Finals and then Global Finals too, why would we wanna settle for anything less? Always play to win! =)

Hey btw, I don't mind ideas given to me about what one might do for his girlfriend on Valentine's day. Everything is welcome, just shoot folks!

That's it for January, this amazing blog can be read on a computer near you. Stay tuned for new exciting updates!

I'LL BE BACK (c) Arnold.S


By Kristoffer 'Tentpole' Nordlund
Jan 19, 2009 20:49

Hi dear readers!

I'm sitting at home chillin before our game vs Gameplay. We only had time for 1 inferno pracc today and it's going to be a really tough game I think. I talked a bit with lurppis though and he said they haven't played much either. But can I really trust the ENEMY? =D

Other than that life goes on as usual. I've started working out in the gym again after a very long break. The end of last year was just CS CS CS CS CS and pretty much nothing else there for a while. We had a one month trip to all different kinds of places so I got a bit tired of it. China was definitely worst when we lost and went out early on in the tournament and had absolutely nothing to do for like a week =(

I'm looking for a new car, the old Ford is starting to fall apart. I think I'll drive it to the inspection crap when it's time just to see what's wrong and how much it would cost to clear it and drive legally another year^^ I know it won't go through as it is right now, I only got half an exhaust system for crying out loud! It's just that I don't think it's worth spending more money on it which is why I haven't fixed it.

If I suck tonight vs Gameplay it's because one of my cats f00kin killed my right hand and not because I've been slacking =) I've got two cats, one large fatty like myself and a little one. Both females so there's no funny business going on here.. =D The little one is like 6 months so she's still growing really fast, soon I have to stop letting her bite and scratch me. Actually the biting is OK but the claws are starting to really hurt buhuhuh =(( I can upload some pics of them later on.

Peace out!
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