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Arrival @ SK Bootcamp 18.04

By Max 'Tapoouut' Anders
Apr 19, 2011 13:26

Yesterday at 8 pm I arrived at the Airport of Cologne, where raideN picked me and QuiCky up.
After a funny cardrive QuiCky, raideN and me arrived at the SK Office where Sir Ram and qntm already waited for us. After a warm welcome we set up our consoles etc.
After eating the whole day only 1 small burger at Burger King i had to eat something, but all services were already closed. unlucky. But I found a solution.^

We then played some maps to get familar with the new setup. Later we also played some GoW3 games before we went to sleep.

When i woke up this morning everyone else already took a shower and i came late to the breakfast.

After that we played some Halo Reach games and some SystemLink 2v2s to get familar with the Lan Lobbys.

We then went to buy a new wired controller for raideN and now we ll go to eat something at the Hard Rock Cafe before we meet qRNKz.

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