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eSports through life

By Zach 'Arsenal1' Denmeade
Jun 30, 2010 04:42

Life in eSports, the history the rise and the fall and the comeback.

Hello for you who might not know me I am Zach aka lostxp a professional gamer from America, this blog is just how I have sceen eSports throught my years of playing from 2001 till now. Since I started my career in eSports it was not known to a large community and mostly to the online gamers, I started my career off in counter-strike 1.5 and sceen how much as change. From the start eSports had local lan events and some major events such as CPL which housed a great place for gamers to join up and have fun and play hard for a chance to win a large purse then other companies started to pick up on the trend later in the new mellenium such as WCG, Kode5, ESWC, and WSVG then newegg started lanfest and wanfest, so more and more tournements came to eSports to hold large events and grew the community. As we all know things that start off great don't always last, with issues from these events not holding their end of the deal and not paying the teams who worked hard to earn the prize money started losing teams coming into these events. Yet we had a savior the CGS who actually started getting eSports into the Professional Market such as the NFL, MLB, and so on, then the cgs calls backrupt and goes belly up and the down fall of CGS actually had a large impact on eSports also with gotfrag not doing there job anymore eSports players are just wondering around trying to regroup. Now with ESEA growing and a few new online organizations and some older ones I can see a growth in eSports in the later future but as of now with the economy with the way it is I predict it might take a few more years till we see another eSports phenomenon again. But all I can say is keep playing, keep working, and due what you dream of doing and enjoy life.

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